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Friday, July 30, 2010


Hello All,

I've produced our Presentation 4 podcast in lieu of answering the TV blog question. Since I expect to have limited Internet access for the next few days, I'm posting the link to my podcast now.

The podcast is about Coshocton County high school football graduates who will be playing college football this season...


Oh, and since I'll feel left out if I don't at least briefly enter in on the television discussion...

I'd like to quickly compare Homer Simpson and Fred Flintstone. They have many similarities. Both of these guys are blue-collar family men, loyal to their friends and keen on male-bonding rituals (hanging out at Moe's, the bowling alley or the Water Buffalo lodge). Although Homer and Fred occasionally display positive virtues of the American everyman, they are both prone to horrible lapses in judgement... often leading to hours upon hours of animated hilarity. Fred is the better father, referring to his infant daughter Pebbles as, "My Little Pebbly-Poo" and never being cross toward her. Homer, however, frequently strangles Bart with such severity and force that Bart's tongue seizes and his eyes bulge. He often neglects Lisa and has occasionally forgotten that Maggie even exists.

More seriously... Amidst the comedy, both "The Flintstones" and "The Simpsons" have some underlying social commentary, but I believe that Homer, his family, and the town of Springfield have addressed a great deal more important issues, with subtle and clever social commentary. I think that since the advent of TV, shows have gradually, but steadily addressed more and more issues that were previously considered taboo or uncomfortable.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Week Six

Week Six

Radio Gets Results

Radio has been a common link for several generations, and every generation is represented on the radio based on the genre of music. I personally prefer a wide variety of music, from Classic Country, to Heavy Metal, depending on my mood. However, I live in West Lafayette, Ohio, and seem to be in a void between the good radios stations of both Columbus and Cleveland. When I am in Columbus and want Classic Country I tune into 99.5 the Hawk http://www.whok.com/. It has a target audience of what I would call the working middle class, middle aged person. The music selection is the good old’ goodies from the yester-years mix with some contemporary country from today’s artist. The ads are targeted to the blue collar worker, not too many ads for the crazy clubs, but not too many the fancy things in life. But, most of the time I listen to 100.3 T100 http://www.wclt.com/fm/. It is your basic family friendly country radio, with a lot of local ads focused on the Average Joe. The music is almost bland at times to be very people friendly.

Recently, I have found a great rock station in the Columbus area, 96.3 http://www.qfm96.com/. It has a great mix of 80’s, 90’s, and today’s music. I would say it is focused on the younger middle aged person. I say younger because I seem to fall into this demographic. The advertisements were mostly for clubs and sports bars like Rooster’s, a wing joint. The other advertisements usually had the tough guy persona mixed with humor. This was a radio station that you could let your kids listen to and still enjoy some rock music. When I travel a little north I am able to listen to stations like 100.5 Jack FM. This is defiantly geared towards the younger crowd, with a little bit more contemporary rock, and racy ads. There is some older rock for those of us that refuse to grow up and want to feel young trying to go to the clubs. This is also a station I avoid when my eight year old son is in the truck with me, due the frequent commercials for the areas adult entrainment.

But, every now and then I relax to the easy listening of 97.7 WILE out of Byesville, and Cambridge. As a child that station was always on at my grandmother’s house. I remember she would act like a teenie bopper when Frank Sinatra or Dean Martin would come on. She would start dancing around the the living room signing along. This is defiantly targeting the older crowd with more low keyed commercials and a frequent time slots for local events. Plus, I do not see too many guys “bumpin” their car systems to the Rat Pack.

The old radio advertisement “radio gets results” is still true today. America spends on average over three hours a day next to a radio. That is very impressive considering all its computation. I truly believe that out of all the media outlets today, radio will remain a constant, in one form or another.

Rather than searching the dial, I decided to do an internet search to find radio stations. Ontheradio.net http://www.ontheradio.net/states/ohio.aspx made it easy to find a station with a format that was unlike what I would normally listen to. I love that you can listen to a live stream of most radio stations and I have done this many times. It is a little different, because they don’t usually play the commercials in the stream. They do, however, have different advertising for the internet listener.

The first station that I chose to listen to was Power 107.5, which is a rap station. http://mycolumbuspower.com/ When I connected to the station, there were advertisements that I listen to before any music played. I was amazed by the subject matter. I did not want to assume that the rap stations demographic would be the “bad” kids, but I knew it would be geared towards the younger generation. Before I heard a single song, I admit that I decided that the demographic of this station is teenagers and lower income groups. There were four ads that played and they were: a join the Navy ad, an affordable auto insurance ad, a McGruff the dog-take a bite out of crime ad, and a public service ad for WIC explaining the importance of infant and childhood nutrition. The music was as expected, Soulja Boy, Ludicris, and Diddy.
The only commercial that I heard was one promoting the station. It said, “You listen to us, so we listen to you. Log on and tell us what to play. Don’t you love being the boss?” This reaffirmed my first instinct about the demographic, lower income and very young.

The second station that I chose was 99.7 The Blitz. http://www.theblitz.com/ I believe this station has a more diverse listening audience. Again, since I was steaming, the ads came before the music. There was a commercial about a basement finishing system and then a public service ad about COPD. This explained the risk and symptoms while saying that if you are over 35 and smoke, you are at risk. This seems more geared towards the older crowd. I know that when I listen to the station on the radio, they are always playing commercials for nude strip clubs, so I tend to think this is for the younger crowd.

The music was Collective Soul, Guns N’ Roses, and Pearl Jam, which are all classics. There was a very high energy announcer that talked about their Medal Mash hour that they play every afternoon, so you can “Thrash around in your cubicle.” This leads me to believe that many listeners are middle-aged, working people. I do sometimes listen to this station and they have very adult advertising that is not suitable for children. Their listeners are the young partiers, but there are also the older, more financially stable (but not more mature) demographic that listens to the station. I was surprised by the difference in the internet advertising compared to the local advertising. This makes me wonder if they have discovered that more of the older listeners stream the music over the internet, while the younger people may be listening to them on the radio.

These stations cater to a very different demographic, but I think that ads like affordable auto insurance would work on both stations because it is something everyone needs.

Week 6

Every morning when I drive to work I listen to T100.3. I am from the south and I love to listen to country music. This station keeps up to date on local weather, news and any cancellations/delays on schools and events that are happening in the area. Country music tells a story about something or someone. Sometimes the songs make me laugh, smile, or cry.
The other radio station I listened to was Wnci 97.9. This station played good songs every now and then. This station also keeps up to date with weather, news, cancellations/delays. This station seems to be for the younger crowd, who like to listen to a mixture of different kinds of music.
Overall, both of these radio stations are the same when it comes to broadcasting the news and weather. But the music that is played is different; which is good because people has different taste of what they like to listen to. Having a variety of stations out there, gives the people a chance to choose what they like to listen to.


I monitored two totally different stations for this assignment. I started with The Blitz. (www.theblitz.com). The Blitz gears the music toward a strictly heavy metal audience. The ads are for strip clubs, cheap insurance, and military recruitment. They definitely are gearing toward a young, male audience, most likely a group of people that are not yet established in a stable career. They also seem geared toward the partiers and people who like to go out and have a good time with no repercussions. The music is modern metal music, or new rock. This is station I have listened to for years and enjoy the type of music played. The second station was a Christian station (www.wvmcfm.com). After listening for what seemed like an eternity I finally heard a commercial. It was for 1-800-NEED-HIM. This was a public service group that is geared toward helping people having faith problems. This station is geared very strictly toward Christians, although they try to be a tad cutting edge by making comments about specific DJ’s. One statement in particular was that “sometimes even God has to count to ten with Wally.” I got a kick out of that. The commercials for strips clubs would not work with this station. The insurance ad would work okay with this station, probably not the military ads. How many people read this just because I titled it strippers?

Thanks for the Memories

Based on the assignment criteria, one of the radio stations was supposed to be something that I would not ever listen to and is definitely targeted for a different audience. The first station was Power 99 Philly, yes my old stomping ground. This station is targeted to the Hip Hop, Rap, and new style R&B audience. I was supposed to listen for 15-20 minute and the funny thing is I caught myself listening to this so-called music for about 40 minutes. In this 40 minute timeframe they spoke about a contest they are currently having for listeners to win tickets to see Trey Songz and Monica on August 25 at the Tower Theater in Philadelphia. The host of the show also interviewed singer Usher and discussed the new projects he is working on with various other music stars. They also discussed a group that I actually do like, Boyz 2 Men, now that is a blast from the past. Usher referred to them as “an inspiration” and they provided him with the “motivation” to perform. They played music from some new, up and coming artists they say are “the ones to watch” such as “Chiddy Bang” and “Alexi Jordan”. Personally I do not appreciate this music and is definitely not for me; however I did listen. The commercials were definitely geared to this genre of music. One commercial was about “Monster” an energy drink that is apparently loved by several artists within this genre. Another sponsor was for a jewelry store called Robbins Diamonds, I actually remember their television commercials from when I lived in Pennsylvania. Some of the additional advertisements were BMW motorbikes, Mercedes, and various dance clubs within the “Tri-State” area, which means Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. While listening to this broadcast I was set aback by the lack of proper spoken English, but I am sure that style of speech is appreciated by their target audience.

The second station I listened to was 92.5 WXTU, Philly’s country music station. This is one I regularly listened to when I lived in Pennsylvania before I purchased my XM radio. WXTU is the station I could listen to all day at times. Their target audience is the more or less NASCAR fan base. The “Doc and Andie” show is their morning show which runs until 10 am, the show is funny and they discussed many different things including last week’s NASCAR race, the winner “Jamie McMurray” in the #1 “Bass Pro Shop” car. Doc and Andie discussed the non-eventful race, stating many cautions but as they put it “nothing to write home about”, they played a parody song based on NASCAR which really made me laugh. They are also advertising the “Military Wall of Fame” which was mentioned on the “Doc and Andie” show a total of 10 times within an hour and a half. The “Military Wall of Fame” is a salute to the hometown heroes from the Delaware Valley who is serving in other countries. This tribute is a distinguished honor to these military personnel. The advertisements on their station also brought back fond memories such as “Dorney Park” and amusement/water park in Allentown, Pennsylvania along with “Sesame Place” which is geared to smaller children in Langhorne, Pennsylvania. One contest they are currently having is co-sponsored by one of the advertisers “Cherry Hill Dodge” in Cherry Hill, New Jersey the dealership will be giving listeners the opportunity to win “Zac Brown” tickets by filling out an entry form. Other advertisements are for the “New Jersey Vacation Bureau” and “Sonic”, with this many advertisers I was surprised they had the opportunity to play music. I was privileged to hear some of my favorite artists, especially Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland, singing with Jon Bon Jovi “You Can’t Go Home”, one of my favorites. The song made me think about the video and missing my old stomping grounds.

Thanks for the memories now I have to go call my children! I enjoyed this assignment more than you could ever know.

The Radio

I love music, so I really enjoyed this assignment. The two radio stations that I chose to listen to is 93.7 WQIO, and 98.3. Both stations play a broad range of music, mostly older songs, with some newer music mixed in. 98.3 in my opinion, is targeted towards older middle aged people or those that enjoy music from the 1960-1980's. Although, the radio targets this age group and lifestyle persay, I enjoy the style of music and find myself listening to it quite often. 93.7 is also a broad range of music from yesterday and today. I would also say that it targets middle aged people, and income. Both I would say are family oriented and don't play music that kids couldn't listen to, it is more laid back.
Advertisements include insurance, banks, retail, household repairs, and many other items. When I listened to these stations, they played mostly music, and didn't have talk shows. They both do weather reports, traffic reports, and birthdays.


The radio is a great thing it's almost a part of our heritage as Americans it's a piece of our pastime almost like television. It is free and it is still away for people to be heard. I also love the fact that you can find so many different genres of music in general throughout it. There really aren't a lot of places anymore that you can go and find new artists that haven't been heard or new styles of music other than the radio. It lets us lean back in our car and jam to some tunes or bump to the beat, however you do it lets you unwind and kick back and just cruise to the music with ease. Radio is love as the music it plays hugs your ears and lets you just drift away. But, that's enough with that on to the work, and our blog for this week.

I listened to T-100 first, I like country but it's not my usual choice when I turn on the radio, I feel this is a station meant for older people but that I know probably isn't entirely true because as a child I listened to this with my parents back then I hated it but that's another story. I noticed this is meant for easy going everyday working folks that work hard to make a living, most contests if any are that to when tickets to an event for the family or possible to see some country singer in concert. Advertisements on here are more locally based like those of Newark and great licking county region, offering marketing for them and commercial slots to direct towards those style of listeners I had mention before, older more family people that want to save a dollar grocery shopping or needs some kind of hardware or work done, and away for them to get it. Discussion Topics are usually from new country singers wanting to be heard or some of the late greats. Just more of the hometown feel is always themed on this station. And that is what you usually want when turning into listen to T-100 that is what they are known for and that is what you will get.

My second was 97.9 WNCI still not my favorite but the one that always comes in the clearest when my favorites don't. But I still like some of the music they play on here that has more of my generation to those with a little more get up and go than T-100 has sometimes. Like I said not to offend I love country but I would by choice rather listen to something different when I am going out or getting ready for work. WNCI itself ranges from the everyday working class also to the college kid to young adult, to just mid 20's to late 30's. They always advertise concert's at the schott, or upcoming events for Ohio State University. They even have advertisements about where you can find a great place to go out that weekend like dance clubs or concerts. Some of the more direct ads are for that of WNCI and were they will be hosting something and will offer tickets to win from Jimmy Jam or something of that nature. This is a bit different as far as discussions that are the reason I turn in they do morning talk shows with events or gags with jokes and news and it's always entertaining and funny. That is what they are known for the morning ZOO as they say.

But for the most part if you had to say what are both similar about they all have the same dentist's commercials or ad's buy lawyers wanting to help you submit some kind of claim for an accident, and both always have the weather and traffic that is a 100% given every time you listen. This is why radio is successful though it allows you to do a lot of segments and advertisements for marketing in a small time frame, targeting a wide audience. It is also what people want info on their way to work and know what the quickest route on their way there is so they don't get stuck. It even helps if they know what the rest of their days are going to be like and the weather for the rest of their day after.

Radio is a lifeblood and without it are cars would seem boring at times, and we need our radio it's like a right and a privilege we fight for it to be heard and we fight to keep it free!

Tim Murphy / Mass Media Comm / Wk 6

Week Six

104.9, The River: This is a Christian rock radio station in Columbus, Ohio. It is suppose to be kid safe and a family station. Most of the songs on this station are Christian songs. Even though, I am Religious, I really do not like Christian Rock. I am more into Catholic Hymns then what is played on this station. As for this station, I believe it is for all ages and any income area. It is more towards people who are towards everyday Christian values and anyone who wants rock and Christian together. 107.9, The Oldies: This is a radio station played in Columbus, Ohio. It plays song of the oldies. This radio station, I have seen played in all sorts of lifestyles and all ages. As for me, my grandparents listen to this every day so I love this station. I also have seen some of families that have the complete opposite of my family that listen to this station. From the high income to the low income, if someone likes the oldies then they are probably have listen to this station. As for songs played on both of these stations, after listening to both today, I would say that would probably never happen. I can see some advertising that is played on The River that can be used for The Oldies. As for the other way around, I have not listened to The River long enough to know that. Some of the advertising on The Oldies may not follow the values of The River.

Radio Stations

The great thing about music radio is that it can speak to a very wide range of people. Of course, there are many more choices these days than there were in the past but really anyone can listen to any station. It helps to be a music lover I guess.

While listening to 101.7, the station I usually listen to while driving, I realized that they are really targeting a different audience than me. I started listening about 6:15 pm while the Eagles were singing “One of These Nights.” That’s right up my alley so to speak. But, the next two songs I really didn’t know who sang them or what they were called. That’s about when I realized that they are really targeting a bit older audience who is over 40. The commercials that followed solidified my assumption. And I believe that mostly they were meant for an audience of women 40 and older, probably middle to upper class who are interested in jewelry and getting their hair done based on the commercials for HLR Jewelers and Chrysalis Hair Design.

The second radio station I listened to for this assignment was 95.5-The Hawk, which is real different for me. I like country just don’t ever find myself turnin’ it on. They started off our time together with a song by Johnny Cash. I can relate a bit to Johnny but the songs that followed were pretty foreign to me, good, but foreign. Anyway, this station made me think of a simpler time. Americana, I guess. It is good feeling music. Made me think of when families would gather around the radio because that’s what they had. It also made me think of families, farmers, truckers, etc. The commercials they ran after ten solid minutes of music where targeting Nascar fans, Bikers and such. The people that listen to this station are, I’m sure, of all different ages and income levels.

In conclusion, this was a fun assignment! The advertising from both stations seemed like typical radio advertising with about ten commercials right in a row. They both ran a commercial for a car dealership along with a commercial for whom to call if you have credit card debt. These would obviously work for either demographic because everyone these days drives an automobile and credit card debt is a pretty common problem. The others seem to be target specific.

Radio Differences

The two radio stations I chose are 99.7 The Blitz and 100.3 T-100. The reason I chose these two stations is because T-100 is the station I listen to daily, and I avoid The Blitz like the plague. The main difference in the stations that I notice is 99.7 has more of comedy in their broadcast. The announcers seem to insult and or make fun of people more often. While there are some "jokes" made on T-100 they are in good taste. I did not find this to be true on 99.7.

I believe 99.7 is geared more towards a younger, rowdier crowd, while T-100 is basically a family station. During my 20 minutes of listening to The Blitz, I think I heard the infamous BLEEP at least 15 times. This does not include the amount of curse words that sneaked through. This leads me to believe that the majority of their listeners are not bothered by, or even enjoy hearing this type of vulgar language. On T-100 you rarely if ever hear curse words, or the bleep representing them, come over the air. They focus more on public interest stories, and when necessary substitute a harsh word with something more like crap, darn, or another word of that nature. Mainly for these reasons I think 99.7 is very much not a station children should listen to, however I believe that a younger crowd is drawn to this station for the same reasons.

Based on the advertisements I heard while listening to these stations, I am certain the only ones that are interchangeable would be the fast food restaurant, or local business commercials. Besides these commercials, 99.7 seemed to focus on bars, or upcoming parties. T-100 seemed to focus more on family oriented places like ice cream parlors, and public events for families. They also report local news and weather regularly through out the day.

I believe that both stations being geared towards a middle class demographic is likely the only thing these two stations have in common. Their choices in music of course being the main difference. 99.7 plays hard rock music, while T-100 is a family country station.
I apologize if my bias opinion is very apparent in this post, I do not "hate" rock music, I simply do not understand it, and certainly do not enjoy hearing those stations. However, I chose that station so I could try to more understand the reasons behind their on-air behaviors, and listening while trying to make myself picture their demographic did help me to somewhat understand why they act the way they do. I still do not like it, but now I can understand they are "crude" for the same reasons T-100 is not. That is simply what their listeners want.

The two radio stations that I listened to were National Public Radio and WCLT T-100. Normally, I wouldn't listen to NPR so I'll count that station as out of my comfort zone.

While listening to NPR radio, the radio host tended to jump from topic to topic. Among some of the covered points:

there was a story about the Arizona immigration law that has millions up in arms in protest

The DOW Jones fell thirty three points

Toyota is recalling more cars related to steering related effects

Thousands of Iraqi war memos were given to several news outlets(The Guardian in Britain, The New York Times, and a German newspaper, though there was no representative for that newspaper on the radio)

I always listened to NPR growing up. I recall hearing it in the morning everyday while getting ready for school. I feel as if the station can cater to nearly anyone with an interest in national affairs.

URL: http://www.npr.org/templates/player/mediaPlayer.html?action=3&t=live1&islist=false

For the second station, the station played non-stop country music. I used to hate country music, but that's all that played at a former work place of mine so the genre grew on me over time. The station is local to central Ohio and country music is certainly a favorite genre around the area.

URL: http://radiotime.com/WebTuner.aspx?StationId=27917&

Myers - Week 6 Radio

89.3 The River

This is a Christian radio station in the Newark, Ohio area. They play “uplifting and encouraging songs.” The River promises to be kid-safe and not to play songs that have dirty lyrics. I think that this station is geared toward religious people and people of all ages and income status. This type of station is a station that will be there for people that may be seeking links to Christian beliefs.

95.5 The Hawk

This is a country station, which is located Lancaster, Ohio area. They play older country songs. There are games played and they have contests with the audience members. I feel that the audience that listens to this station is an older audience because the music they play is the music that the audience listened to as they were growing up. If I use this type of reasoning, the income for this group would be in the mid-to higher income bracket.

The two radio stations had very different formats. Unfortunately, I listened to the Christian station during the lunch hour and the ads that I heard were mostly for donations to their station. They played a song, then ran an ad for the station that stated, “if this song touched your life, please give a donation…” to River 10. This was what I heard for approximately four songs. I then heard station identification, then another song. After the last song, they played an ad for Mount Vernon Nazarene University. On the country station, I heard the same format only with the difference of donations; it was station identification after every song. The last ad I heard was for Wendy’s.

I have since briefly listened to both of these stations and I think that the programming mirrors each other and that the ads are where they could crossover between stations. I can picture that Mount Vernon Nazarene would advertise on the country station and I can hear Wendy’s on the Christian station. The biggest difference was the interaction between the listeners and the stations. The country station had more interaction with the audience than the Christian station.



Week 6 Post

I listened to WNCI 97.9 and T-100 100.3. I think that this station is geared towards middle age adults like around their 30's. I heard a lot about Tri-county and buying cars. They did name a few events that are going to be happening in the next few weeks. On WNCI, i heard more of concert's that are coming up and more reality talk. This station is geared towards younger kids, or teenagers. WNCI is more about the pop-stars and talking about them. As T-100, they are constantly talking about things going on in our town and events. They also did say someone's name for getting in trouble for something. People can use this as a source of information with their news. Younger kids are wanting to listen to pop music and therefore they would listen to 97.9. Older people, I think would listen to T-100. Im sure some young kids do love country and listen to that station but majority listen to 97.9. I think these stations could share their information about restaurants, clothing stores and upcoming concerts.

Aloha Radio

WLW-AM 700 in Cincinnati is a venerable old station still going strong today. They have a range of over 100 miles during the day and several hundred miles at night. WLW has a news/talk format , common among 50,000-watt AM stations. Their audience tends to be over 35 and more male than female. Last night, From about 9:45 – 10:30 PM on Wednesday, I listened to part of Eric “The Bulldog” Deters talk show. They were discussing a woman who had been run over and killed by a police cruiser while sleeping under a blanket in a Cincinnati park. Apparently, this park has service roads that are routinely patrolled by police, but in this instance, the officer was driving in the grass. Some of the discussion was confrontational and heated. Advertising included, Wendy’s, a Newport riverfront festival, Kerry Ford (car dealer) and a football seminar sponsored by Bengals coach Marvin Lewis.

KAPA 100.3 FM in Hilo, Hawaii is a station that targets native-born Hawaiians. I listened online between 12:00 – 12:45 PM (6:00 – 6:45 AM) during their early morning show. The morning guys go by the name “Da Boloheads”. They have traffic, weather, local news, trivia, comedy and contests like many other morning radio shows. The difference is that they play only Hawaiian music by contemporary Hawaiian artists. Apparently there is enough music in that genre to support the format. While listening, KAPA played these songs… :Pohakuloa” by Gary Haleamu, “Keahiwai” by Dangerous, “Aloha Ka Manani” by Gabby Pahinui, “Ipo Lei Momi” by Keali’I Reichel and “Sweet Darlin” by Fiji. Has anybody ever heard of any of these songs or artists!? Some of the songs are in the Hawaiian language. Others are in English. All of the music had a distinctive Hawaiian sound. The music was actually quite pleasant, but to the uninitiated, KAPA mix of ethnic Hawaiian music and slick production may sound quite unusual. The music all had a soft sound, analogous to artists like Celine Dion, Michael Bolton, Michael Buble and John Mayer. It could perhaps be described as Hawaiian Adult Contemporary, therefore their target audience would be native-born middle-income Hawaiians ages 25-54. The advertising was light during the hour. Two of the sponsors, Hilo’s Big Island Honda and Keauhoe Beach Resort , ran several ads. The news was sponsored by a Safeway Grocery Store. They asked a trivia question and aired the callers’ responses, so there’s an interactive element.

Both WLW and KAPA ran car advertisements. Virtually all adults need a car, and radio is a great way for car dealers to maintain awareness when the consumer is ready to buy. Program elements like local news, contests, trivia and audience participation would work on both of these stations. They help provide a local, intimate feel regardless of the musical format.


700 WLW Radio – Cincinnati, Ohio - “The Big One”:


KAPA 100.3 FM – Hilo, Hawaii – “Hawai’I’s Music”:


MC Marketing Charts:



The first radio station that I listened to was KOOL 101.7 FM. This station is a local station that is based in Newark, Ohio. From what I heard they played mostly classic rock and hits from the 70's, 80's, and 90's although most of what I heard were songs from the 80's. There was a lot of Phil Collins, George Michael, and Michael Jackson. I really didn't mind the station, although I believe with those kinds of stations it is impossible not to play the same songs over and over again. I would think that the audience would be mostly those in their 40's and up, as well as some Generation X'ers who enjoy some good 80's jams.

They mostly spoke about what was going on here in the community during the commercial breaks. There was a lot of news about the local council meetings and the weather. Some of the advertisements were restaurants that were local as well as car dealerships. The station seemed to be an all around easy listening station that appealed to an older audience who doesn't mind hearing the same things over and over again.

The second station I listened to was WNCI 97.9 that is out of Columbus, Ohio. This station was obviously geared toward a younger audience who really enjoys bubblegum pop, social networking, and reality television. The I hear all current pop songs such as lady Ga Ga, Justin Beiber, and Kanye West. With these types of songs I believe there audience base is much larger. You have the young girls and boys that are crazy about Beiber, the older "hip" parents who also like the Kanye and Ga Ga. During the commercials there was talk about Mel Gibson and Tiger Woods as well as upcoming tours. I also heard a few ads for car dealerships and things about the upcoming Buckeye season.

With stations this different, I believe that the only type of ads that would work in the same stations would be something such as restaurants, clothing stores, or car dealerships. I Usually do not listen to the radio, and after this I do not plan on it either.

Radio Sations-Beveridge

The first radio station that I chose was the one I listen to the most 99.7 the Blitz. The Blitz is out of Columbus and play rock n roll that spans quite a few generations. They play alot of music from the the late 60's, the 70's through the most recent music. They have alot of contests that give away tickets to concerts or gift packages from their sponsors. They also have a number of contests that allow the fans to interact with the DJ's. Contests such as choose it or lose it where they play two songs and you can call in and vote for the one you like and they keep playing that song every night until it loses. The Blitz also plays alot of music from local bands that are looking to get signed by record companies. The Blitz also attends alot of charity events throughout the state. They target a large audience ranging from teenagers to people in my parents generation with the music they play. Not many teenagers are familair with CCR and not many of the people in my parents era are familiar with Disturbed, or static x so they do a good job of mixing it up to keep a broad range of people interested. Mostly what the DJ's talked about was local events coming up such as concerts and reminded listners of the radio stations contests to win prizes. Local news was at the top of every hour and at 5 pm they did a traffic jam report for the evening commute.

The second radio station I chose was another local one but of a type of music I rarely listen to. I chose 96.5 Kiss FM it is a station out of Cleveland and they play rap music. Alot of the artist that they play are of this generation, Eminem, Rhriana, Lady GaGa etc... they attract a much smaller crowd than does the Blitz mostly becuase of the limited artists and songs that they play. They do have contests where you can win tickets by calling in or entering online. 96.5 does alot of family events with the Cleveland Browns and Indians where listeners to the show can meet the players free of charge. It was difficult to listen to this radio station because I donot really care for rap music but when they went to commerical it was mostly gossip about what was going on in Hollywood or local news and weather.

I really liked this assignment because I got to listen to music for school. As always I enjoyed the Blitz because of the range of music they play from Aerosmith to ZZ Top. Kiss FM was o.k. and the change of music was alright for a minute but I was glad I only had to listen to a couple songs.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Week 6 Radio

Radio -

In order to do this assignment I had to find a couple of radio stations online because I discovered I did not have one radio in my home! I chose Smooth Jazz station KHJZ-FM 95.7 out of Houston, Texas for my first choice. (http:/www.whjz.com) Smooth Jazz started in late 1960’s by adding instrumentals to jazz music. Some of the music played was songs I can remember growing up listening to, but the tempo had become more upbeat with the addition of the instruments.

My second station is WBBG-FM 106.1 out of Niles, Ohio. (http://www.wbbgfm.com) This station plays what they advertise as Golden Oldies. I discovered quite a few of the songs were popular when I was in high school. (Those made me feel old.) There were a variety of tunes from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. The format ranged from love songs to rock songs.

Both stations could have listeners in any age group. There could be 20 or 30 year olds that listen to smooth jazz because that was the type of music they grew up with in their home and the older generation could enjoy listening for the upbeat music. I think the oldies station audience would be more the age group between 40 and 60. This would be the age when what is now considered “oldies” were popular as new music back in the 70’s. Also, the age group of 20-30 enjoys listening to the “oldies”. Some of these songs have been remade in 80’s and 90’s and become popular once again. Both stations could have audiences in any age group or income category.

In my listening the only talking on the smooth jazz station was identifying the station after every other song. The station is also run by listener membership with a fee of $25 which gets the member a newsletter with advertisements, promotional and upcoming events. The oldies station programming includes advertisements to help with station costs. There are contests, upcoming events and surveys offered. The demographic of the oldies station is for listeners only in the total survey area which is defined by Arbitron.

I think any type of advertising would work for both stations. There could be a variety of advertisements for any age group since there really isn’t a set age for either station.

Week 6

I chose to listen to 92.3 WCOL the country station. Country music is definitely different than me. Listening to country music was torture for me. Sorry to those who listen to country music. The advertisements that were on 92.3 were 3-C Body Shop, AT&T, Parade Homes, BoneFish Grill and Mt. Vernon Nazarene University. The song they played on 92.3 was "Letters To Me" By: Brad Paisley. The topics that were talked about were Give-a-way tickets of the Brooks & Dunn concert and Rascal Flatts last day at fair listen tomorrow between 9 A.M and 3 P.M. and you can win tickets. Good luck to those who like country! The news by Craig St. Clair had talked about Grand View being backed up and in the New Albany area was backed up as well.

I would think the older age group would listen to 92.3 due to the many advertisements this channel has. Many older people are always looking for deals as opposed to the younger generation. I noticed the commercials are very long! Also the older generation tends to care to hear about the news more as opposed to the younger generation. Although the younger generation likes this channel as well my 12 year old daughter listens to it. Yes, she loves to torture me with it.

I would think people who listen to 92.3 their lifestyle might relate to the songs that are on this station. Some people do listen to music that they can relate to. As far as income this station could be for people who have money or not. I noticed they do a lot of free give-a ways so this channel would be good for those who can not afford to buy tickets.

I chose to listen to 97.9 WNCI, now this is the station that I like to listen to. I like this station because it plays R&B, rock and rap. All the music I love to listen to. The advertisements they played on 97.9 were about Famous Footwear, The Droid from Verizon and Time Warner Cable. The two songs they played were "Half of my Heart" and "If we ever meet again". The topics that were talked about were Race for the Cure, Lindsay Lohan being in jail and Ohio State Fair and listen to Dave and Jimmy tomorrow and you can win Jay-Z tickets. Good luck to those who like Jay-Z! The news by Craig St. Clair said the freeways are starting to clear up.

I would think the younger generation listens to 97.9 due to the types of advertisements that are on this station. The younger generation cares more about shoes, cell phones and T.V as opposed to the older generation. Also the type of music they play is more for the younger generation. Although older people do like this type of music it helps make them feel young again. WNCI has less and shorter commercials which the younger generation likes because they want to hear more music instead of the commercials.

I would think people who listen to 97.9 their lifestyle may be into the partying scene or more outgoing. I noticed on this station it does advertise restaurants, the hottest clubs and concerts. I would say people with money may listen to this station due to the advertisements. The advertisements were of cell phones, shoes and and T.V. All of which are expensive. But, WNCI does have give-a-ways as well and that would help people with a low income.

I would think advertisers who advertise about colleges would work on both stations. People of all ages can attend college. This would help people to get better jobs and have more money. Attending college would help better peoples lives.

92.3 WCOL
97.9 WNCI

Week 6 Blog - Radio

I picked 97.9 WNCI fm (www.wnci.com) to listen to first; it is a modern rock station.
When I first turned it on there was a commercial for Rousch Honda, then the song Here Without You by 3 Doors Down played - then a wheat thins commercial - a Song Cooler Than Me by Mike Posner - another Song If It’s Love by Train. Another song played – Nothin’ On You by B.O.B. Announcer that you are listening to WNCI. Love the Way You Lie played by Eminem. Ryan Seacrest talked about some music artist in the news; Brianna and how she was giving a bachelorette party. Stubhub advertisement. Contest announcement for meiger gift card and concert tickets. Goddard advertisement.

I think that this radio station is targeted more to the younger generation – high school and college kids and maybe some young adults. The lifestyle would seem to be a younger, carefree, partying lifestyle, but I’m sure there are some parents that listen to this radio station too. I usually do not listen to this station, unless I “hear” it because my 15 year old daughter is listening to it. The income level is probably moderate….most of my daughters friends do not work, so they usually have very little money, however when they do have money it is spent on what they “want” not “need” so they probably purchase music and concert tickets frequently. College students probably do not have large incomes, but they also might have less bills then middle aged adults with families, so the college students have more free money to spend.

WNCO 101.3 (http://www.wncofm.com/main.html) was the second station I listened to; it is a country music station. First the song Free by Zach Brown Band was playing, then the DJ talked about their summer contest the 101 days of summer where you can win passes to Cedar Point, the Beach and some concerts. Then the advertisements started; O’Reillys Auto Parts, Mid Ohio STNA, Cardinal Rentals. The weather was next and then some more songs; Start a Band and Wanna be a Good Man.

I think this station could really be for any age range; my younger children like it, my teens like it and my husband and I like it. I’m sure there are older people who enjoy listening too. Probably the main age range would be middle aged adults with families with moderate income. For some reason I feel that mainly the working class adults would listen to this station. You can tell they are more family oriented by their contest where the prizes are for four pack tickets to amusement parks.

The commercials and advertisements I heard today could work well with either station. Everyone buys vehicles and auto parts. Cardinal Rentals might be more geared to 101.3 then to the younger audience of 97.9. The contest could have been for either station with the concert tickets and the amusement park passes. The Goddard advertisement that was on 97.9 I thought would have been more for the 101.3 listeners.

Even though the music is much different, I think the majority of advertisement could work well with both stations.

Week 6 Radio

On the Air

My first choice in radio stations was our local T100. while country may not be one of my favorite choices of music the programming for this station is quite nice. The way there are advertisements in between songs is a good way to keep listeners from changing the station. The host for the time that I was listening was informative, cheerful, and read the advertisements well. There were contests and different events announced. This radio station is very active in the community. There seemed to be an announcement for almost everyday of the week. The music on this station is country music. I must admit even though this is not my normal listening environment, it was nice and calm and very enjoyable.

My second choice in stations was Kool 101.7. I do sometimes enjoy listening to oldies. It allows me to embrace a culture from many years ago. This station is very nicely put together. One of the things announced during my period of listening was a neat little contest called the Name that animal contest. I thought this was cute. All the contestants need to do is name four animals from the digital billboards that are along the highway on st rt 16. The winner will receive tickets for two to the Wilds. I have been wanting to go there for quite some time. Most of the other advertisements were for local owned businesses like car dealerships and repair shops, and restaurants. There was also an announcement about the Newark music and wing festival, which is very appealing to many different groups. Regardless of age, genre, or race everyone loves music and wings. This is a station I would not mind for my children to listen to. It is very family friendly.

I would say that from my observation of the two stations I chose they are both appropriate for all ages, although it seems that the target age of both stations would be middle age males and females. Both stations can attract people having different lifestyles. Even though a person may not like the music played on the stations there are still events, announcements, and different things being talked about that are important to many. Both stations have one news break for about one minute per hour just giving a few top headlines, to draw the listeners attention so they will continue to listen until the news is read. In general I would say the listeners of both stations are middle to upper class, hard working people, who enjoy family outings and other fun events.
With everyone working so hard these days it is nice to just have a break some times and these radio stations seem to offer that small break from reality or at lest make reality a little easier to deal with.

Radio is like a little break from the ever day stress. It is nice to hear about good things and not so much of the bad. While both stations still do tell the bad also they focus more on the good and remain positive.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


So let's talk about radio.
Listening to a radio station that was very different from my views was very difficult for me. It was difficult because I couldn't think of any stations that I was particularly opposed to listening to, because I tend to be a very adaptive person. However, I finally decided to listen to Catholic radio, because, generally Catholicism just rubs me the wrong way. (Sorry!)

After failing at picking up the local Catholic Radio station on my radio dial, I decided to just find a station online and sit and listen. To my surprise, I actually enjoyed the program. I happened to tune in at the very beginning of a discussion about strong marriages. They discussed how God and faith add to marriage, but most of the discussion was about "thinkers" and "feelers" and how they can get along in a marriage together. It was a lot of fun to listen to because my husband and I have a wonderful relationship, and we have always enjoyed reading self help and marriage books. This radio station was coming from a point of view that I had never heard before.

The second radio station that I listened to was 88.7 FM RadioU. I have always loved RadioU. It is a radio station that is completely listener funded. It is a Christan based radio station that plays christian rock. What drew me to this station is that they play a lot of great music (including some heavy metal that is really hard to find on the radio), but they also have a great message! They spend a lot of time talking about God and religion, but they also make it very clear that God loves you no matter what, it doesn't matter what you've done, who you are, where you've been...God loves you. I enjoy this station because it's my kind of religion because it's all about accepting people no matter what. I guess that's most likely what turned me away from the catholic church so much is because I feel like they are always turning people away; gays, women who choose to have fertility treatments, those who live together/engage in sex before marriage, and so on and so forth.

I feel that the stations are easily comparable because they are both coming from a religious viewpoint, while they are very different from one another. It seems that RadioU's audience is mostly people ranging from their teens to their late 20's. It is defiantly a younger crowd, though they do have some older listener. Most of their listeners come from an "alternative" crowd, who enjoy heavy metal, and hard rock. The Catholic radio stations serves an older group. It seems like it would be most fit for those who are 30+ since it discusses marriage, family life, and ect. Most of their listeners are very religious, and are more reserved. Neither station had any advertisements, since both are independent and listener funded.

I find it to be very interesting that two religious stations can be so very different from each other!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Media Role Model(s) …..How they influence us so!

A Role Model Influence

-by Timothy Murphy

For a long time I always considered my role models to be that of my grandfather or to my parents, I guess until now I never considered that of media role models or how they affected me in anyway. I do know they inadvertently have though, affected my life in many different ways now looking back. So, more or less, maybe it is in away that my family had been my idol role models. Leaving, those who were iconic people of the media, to be that of a personified model that incorporated other beliefs and personal looks to my current and past direction.

Stating such, I would have to look at the time I grew up of course. I was a baby from '83 so my time as a child would have been there in the late 80's too early to late 90's. So considering that it would be the iconic models of most in the 80's on, till let's say 98, that would be truly unlimited. I could make a list of 100 media models of that time alone. Because that was from age 1 to 18 a pivotal point in any youth's life especially from the media and the shows you watched. Down to the toys from that media you played with, later the music and actors, to political figures of your teens would have a dramatic role in that of a young adult. Just showing what my point is, and how depending on the moral values of your family and beliefs, could contribute to your rebellious to less rebellious lifestyle. I guess I am just giving my opinion, but hey most of you know what my point is this could be a whole political debate, and incorporate all types of class of model figures. I am just saying that's all.

So to get to myself and less of the politics involved, I will begin. I was always the kid watching G.I. Joe and maybe Transformers now and then. I also loved as a kid anything military or action, so I watched a lot of Stallone an Arnold movies also. I believed in being tough and strong. I loved was influenced by that in my youth because they were strong guys who made their point and people listened, I loved that attitude, you know get it done and do it with heart. I also will have to say though I feel it is why I work out and have always been the friend people stand behind or call when they need someone there for them to be strong when they can't. I believe do everything with heart and strength and you will prevail to do anything, just do it and it can be done. It also made me want to be a leader and not a follower to be independent and rely on my own strengths and weakness not that of others, because in dark times only you can make yourself better. I also think that's why I played football because I wanted to be strong and tough like those guys. Although, I always had dreams of being a green beret, I never made it. Reason being, is that due to some trouble I had gotten into at 18. I truly believe those same beliefs is why I overcame those things and am still here standing today. I now know those very things could have taken me away from the life I love, maybe in a way those media models gave me a piece of heart that I did not know I had them to thank. Either way though, those are the types of people that gave certain influence of beliefs and perseverance.

That is just my beliefs though; don't get me going (laugh to myself) on how role models gave me a sense of style. Wow, that's a whole other paragraph itself! I was always Mr. G-Q, the guy with style and wanted girls to like me, so I took influence from variety of places and kind of incorporated different things into that style. I looked at people like Jay-Z from his 3rd album with hard knock life, to that of Tom Cruise (another action figure of that time). But Guys like that had what we now call swagger. A certain confidence to their look, now granite I liked the look of more Brad Pitt from certain movies and the preppy of Zack Morris from the late 80's and early 90's. I was what I considered to be a preppy laid back urban but modern and some of even that of Jim Morrison back then. I know that's the 60's, but hey I looked up to him too. I tried to dress classy with style but with a fitted cap like jay-z and maybe a cool jersey and name brand jeans with some Ralph Lauren oxfords just to dress down. When I wasn't it, those were the kinds of guys I tried to emulate, sweaters nice dress shirts with kakis and various other things, my mom must of hated it! But, always wore a nice shirt like you know a dress shirt with some kind of classy jeans and shoes, not tennis shoes but dress shoes. I liked what I liked, also more importantly I didn't do it to impress that's just who I was. I really was cleaned up tough guy, with a kind heart, and always helpful but lending hand. To me, that's what those guys were all about. I did listen to a lot of rap but still liked classic rock of The Doors, down to the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and even the Stones to Stone Temple Pilots. I loved DMX back in the 90's because he had this rough exterior and had been through a lot and for a suburban white kid I didn't know how much later on I would truly relate to him and his humbling life he had been through. I respected that because it made me stronger listening to him in my time of doubt and made me get through times I never thought I would come back from. Well, I am in away a better person because of those models; I made it to today and feel stronger and more determined than ever. I accomplish my goals and stick to them because that's what all of those people did. I will always look at those people and have the upmost respect no matter their media now because I now know it had taken me to the places I needed to go and to where I am at, and going now.

So Maybe, in a sense I always thought it was who I was, and how I was raised. Because, now when looking at this discussion it made me realize so much more. To those things I cannot blog about, to those that I could. It really opened my eyes to the influences of the world. It should also send a message to those who will take our place one day or the children growing up now to be careful who you emulate because it can affect you more than you ever will truly comprehend. Doesn't mean those in the media are bad or good, but should be taken more seriously. Meaning, that who you watch and what you take from what they personify, will in fact make you who you are, weather you truly desire it or not. I am 26, and it has taken me till now to fully grasp the true influences of my youth. The man I am today is partially because of them. So I may not have followed the blog to exactly how the influences of our models have modeled or made us the people we are. But hopefully, gave a message to how and why they make us who we are. I believe this is a message that the world should take into stride. The reason for that is the influences of anyone can change outcomes and events of many and make those beliefs of the meager, to the lengths of that the strength of ten men. Even just the feared to becoming fearless. Good or bad, that's how they are a part of us. I just think everyone should take more time when choosing those paths so they mold their future wisely not unwittingly.

Hey Hope you find your strength's, and try to model positive people because they might be more to you than just a poster on the wall more than you ever could truly know!


Week Five

Media Influences

I am sure everyone knows I am Cleveland Browns fan. So, it was only natural for me to idolize Bernie Kosar. I spent my childhood thinking the proper way to throw a football side arm. I remember begging for the hutch football gear that had the number nineteen and the plastic orange helmet. Then, when I did get it I thought it was good enough to play full contact, full pads football in the back yard. The helmet really didn’t help much; I always had a horrible headache after each game. That could explain a lot now days. But, now I can only read about those days in articles and archives of sites like clevelandbrowns.com http://www.clevelandbrowns.com/.

Growing up in the late 1980’s there was all kinds of TV role models. Shows like the A-team and Knight Rider, and even the Dukes of Hazard. Of course there was the Mr. T and the plastic jewelry. My grandmother had pictures of me with a ton of the jewelry on. And, who can forget how big the professional wrestling was at the time too. Hulkamania was running wild as Hulk Hogan was the biggest wrestler. I took my vitamins and said my prayers just like Hulk Hogan told me to. I guess I didn’t take the right vitamins; I never got as big as the Hulk, or even one of his legs. And, whatever happened to Saturday morning cartoons? I loved G.I.Joe and Transformers, and had a bunch of the action figures. I guess you can still find some of them at sites like Hulu.com http://www.hulu.com/.

I guess what I am trying to say is, there really wasn’t just one big thing that I can recall. There wasn’t that one huge star that I wanted to be. As I got older into my teens, I actually didn’t watch much TV. I always found other things to do like fishing, sports in the winter, and work as soon as I was old enough. I knew then I had to work hard for what I wanted, I never wanted my parents to have to buy things for me, weird I know. I also figured I wasn’t good at school so why worry about that, it’s not like I would ever go to college. But, I do see the importance of those role models, especially now with my son. He idolized Leborn James. The night of the “betrayal” I saw his world crushed. His eyes looked as mine must have when Ernest Byner fumbled the ball in the 1987 playoffs, lost, heartbroken and confused. That’s when I realized we are lacking those pure heroes, like the Jordans, and the Montanas. I know there are so many other places to find inspiration, more now than ever, especially with things like the internet. But, is there ever going to be another pure star that everyone can like?

Wonder Woman

When I was a young girl, in 1975, my favorite television show was “Wonder Woman” played by Lynda Carter. This television show was based on a character from a DC Comic; which also featured other such super heroes as “Batman, Superman, Captain Marvel, and various villains.” Wonder Woman also known as “Dianna Prince” was from “Paradise Island” which was an island in the “Bermuda Triangle.” This island is the home to beautiful “Amazon” women who do not age and are quite agile, intelligent, and have enormous strength. Dianna Prince is the “Amazon Queens” daughter and vies for the opportunity to protect a WWII Major, Steve Trevor, who has inadvertently crashed on their island while fighting the “Nazi’s.” Dianna competes with other natives for the right to protect their island as well, the “Nazi’s” might possibly find this island and try to take over their mine of “Feminine” which is an enormously strong alloy, the “Amazon’s” make their bullet deflecting bracelets from this alloy. Wonder Woman won the right to protect the Major and their island, Dianna received a golden lasso, which is indestructible and forces people to tell the truth when tied up. Wonder Woman used her “Invisible Plane” to fly to Washington, D.C. and enlist in the military; she became Yeoman First Class Dianna Prince.

What I loved the most about “Wonder Woman” is it gave me the impression that women can be as physically powerful as a man, the capabilities of becoming someone so tough was compelling to me. I sense that the majority of young girls identified with this character in one way or another. Some girls strived for outward beauty while others looked inward for their self-esteem. The golden lasso gave me the responsiveness to be truthful and honest. The feminine bracelets made us girls believe we could deflect all negativity and/or harm that might come our way. Wonder Woman is a genuine role model for us girls from the 70’s as well as today. She gave me a sense of courage and strength that I still feel today.