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Thursday, August 26, 2010


As I watch television and notice the level of aggressiveness exerted by the paparazzi I cannot help but feel for those at the other end of the camera lens. I believe that if the paparazzi are following the current laws regarding paparazzi, then “legally” the public figures do not deserve protection, even though I personally think the public figures are entitled to walk about town without having cameras in their face at all times, but according to the law, as long as they are in areas that are not restricted by law, they are fair game.

A lot of celebrities love the attention, as it keeps their name fresh. Some are obviously irritated and some even resort to violent attacks on paparazzi. It has to be frustrating when you cannot take your child for a walk without someone hiding behind a bush secretly taking pictures that will appear in a national magazine, or even on TV. Being hounded by the paparazzi is something all public figures will have to deal with at some point or another, some get worse than others, and some have even died as a result. Princess Dianna allegedly was being chased down by the paparazzi when her car crashed resulting in her death. These types of incidents are likely to occur again as the paparazzi becomes more and more aggressive in their attempts to access public figures.

I believe in freedom of speech and expression, but there is a fine line between legitimate reporting and stalking. I really see no difference between taking pictures of someone nude in their house from a bush outside, and taking a picture of someone sitting in their backyard with their children from behind a fence on their property. Some of the ways the paparazzi gather these photographs are very unethical and possibly illegal, but the all mighty dollar drives this behavior. You always see paparazzi taking pictures of celebrities while they are shopping in a store or whatever. I have tried to take a picture of a shirt I wanted to get my girlfriend to make sure she wanted it, and was screamed at about that and told it was illegal! That is illegal, but waiting outside someone’s house until they take out the trash just to get a picture if fine? I do not think so.

Week 10 Sarah Anderson

In my opinion celebrities do deserve protection from the paparazzi, and the news media does not have the right to pursue these figures at will. These people may be famous but they are still human and still have feelings and emotions. These people have families and small children. It is a shame that many celebrities feel like they cannot take their children out in public without hiding them or having security surrounding them.

A public figure’s role as a public figure should end when they are not on stage or being filmed and their privacy should begin once they leave the set of a show, or are no longer being filmed. When they are in public with their families or friends they should be able to live their life just as we do. Celebrities are people too.

Being hounded by anyone is bothersome even we as normal people can agree to that.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Are they that much different than us?

That question really sums up what I think about celebrities. The only difference between me and them is that they happen to be really good at something or had the correct networking. For example, Tiger Woods got a lot of publicity the past several months. He's good at golf(darn good) but he still has human weaknesses. Although cheating on one's spouse isn't good, it happens all the time from both sexes. We can all sit here and pretend that we're more noble than him, but we've all done wrong in the past.

I believe that the press has the right to pursue a story on persons with whom they have a mutual agreement with. That way, nobody gets hurt in the process. I can't think of a single person who wouldn't care if they were being relentlessly stalked by a reporter 24/7. A person's pristine image can be ruined overnight or even over a single story in the newspaper or on TV. Again, everyone is human first above all their other roles.

The line between a person's public image and their private lives isn't the same for everyone. Some persons want to get the limelight no matter who else is there. Others only want the good stuff shown(tabloids take care of that though).

Tuesday, August 24, 2010



    For many years I have looked at this argument, and you truly have to look at all the angles, as if you were the judge and jury. Paparazzi have infamously made headlines for misconduct and truly rude let's say "ethics!" for over decades now. Stating this those still seek to watch, thus further stating more than ever now, and never the less people still find them intriguing enough to gorge themselves with their hysterical rants, reviews, and what we all know as their tenacious and most outrageous footage that constantly pops up on E.T. or E News weekly! I tell you it really tweaks my nerves at times. I would rather leave people to make their own lives than for others to rule them by how they are judged in the spot light. Now, you probably are thinking I am giving these media lights penance for some of their more deviant behaviors, I tell you and scream I am not! No I do not and never will justify their actions, some more uncanny than others, but still this is their business as ours is yours and mine, and should rightfully be in my eyes and of course my more bold opinion if you will. Let thy own self be true to thy actions and words because justice is sought in ways know man or woman can control without proper authority. That is truer than you know. I myself have had many troubles in my past it was bad enough having friends in family come to give me support or criticism sometimes even a swift kick in the well you know what but that's when I was younger. My point is it's bad enough those people being involved, so let me ask you this if you were fined for something or pulled over for maybe not something terribly wrong but still it happened, would you yourself want the world knowing or even worse yet people outside your own area code?!!! Come on people!!

So getting to the assignment, I will move on……….


I myself believe that the power of speech is sacred and true, and should not be made to put a clamp on, but too often than not people tend to abuse the privilege so harshly fought for a gained, that it makes me sad sometimes to be as we are. But unless this person or well media figure has committed a truly bizarre and despicable most heinous crime, that is unforgivable even by the higher powers themselves, then yes most certainly they should be protected, because unless it was as I mention before, to that extent, then we have know right knowing their personal endeavors, it is rude and further more truly without taste and to the lowest of classes. So shame on those, that indulge to much of their time to make a profit off of others misery is what I say! But if it is to the most outrageous and terrible nature then I believe yes as murders, and some of our greater know criminal minds of now and the past if they are of that nature then we as the people have the right to know for our own well being, it teaches a lesson, but that is in my eyes if only the way it is possible to give lead way or rights for the media to do so, because as I have made clear throughout all my blogs, family is the most important thing in this world and love for your fellow brother and sister. So what I want people to think about is remember all those people have families to, and if you had a day to walk a mile in their shoes, would you want your family to walk that mile with you because they were so unwillingly brought in on the event and caused harm by those actions. No I think most wouldn't or I hope they wouldn't. Just remember we all have loved ones and think of how those people in the spotlight feel every time their name is mentioned or a new photo is released.

Well further going into the assignment this is where it does get a bit harder, but to me still can remain the same,

I feel as a public figure yes you do have the role to uphold and do properly with what has been bestowed upon you and in a sense honor it don't abuse it. But it still means that unless the role itself was used in the poor judgment, if you understand what I am stating, if they were on that public time, because work is work, and when you go home your home, and some things that live at home should stay there to certain extents. But as I said before, if it is of harm to another in ways unforgivable, or things done so irreparably done that they could not be taken back and done so poorly then it needs to be known the justification of that irresponsible persons behavior so others may not follow in those same steps, I guess, I know I sound like a preacher on Sunday, but I have a point to this.

All in all everything has a time and place, things should be done with dignity, lead with the right foot, and always done the right way. That means the paparazzi should not be so quick to judge because what if the roles were overturned and suddenly those shoes were the ones strapped upon their feet, and for the public figures walk the line you would want to be seen in, but be cautious because there can always be those who are watching, just do the best you can an what you were raised with, and at the end of the day if you can live with what you have done, and know in your heart you did what was right and the best you could do, well then those who caused that harm will have charma following them around the next day.

In a further glance…..

So as it may it is what it is we can't change it but we can try to be better than the rest, and not give them an ear to turn. I just think and feel I wouldn't want it done to me and if I had the chance to do what they do, well people make mistakes sometimes you just have to hope that you did all the rest like no other, and made rave reviews of it all while you could and lived it up while the time you were given was there. It may not be right but it happens, but it doesn't have to continue if everyone takes stand.

Paparazzi or Glorified Stalkers?

In essence, these public figures do deserve protection from the paparazzi! No, the news media does not have the right to pursue these people. If the public figure wishes to participate in situations, which include the news media and/or the paparazzi, then they deserve the attention, if a public figure does not wish to partake in these antics then leave them alone. If a public figure is making a speech or a statement at a charity function, go ahead and take all the pictures you want, it will get the charity the publicity it possibly needs. When the public figure is involved with anything that is newsworthy, publish the information. Private matters such as the death of a loved one is just what I said, a private matter. No one has the right to impede on the family’s grief; I consider that deplorable. When a public figure brings home a newly adopted child, let them have time to bond. Children especially newborns, infants, and toddlers can feel the stress a parent has and it passes onto the child. Everyone is entitled to their privacy, especially the children of these famous people. Why would anyone want to hound celebrities shopping with their children? These children need as normal a life as possible and just by being the offspring of someone famous, does not give the paparazzi the right to hound these children. It is bad enough their parents put them on display why add to the drama. The paparazzi, in my opinion, take things a little too far at times. Hounding by anyone is annoying, let alone money hungry, picture-taking stalkers…yes I said stalkers. Paparazzi are nothing more than a glorified stalker who is paid to take pictures of famous and/or infamous persons. Yes, entertainers are in the public eye, I understand that, but why do us as consumers; need to know every little move these individuals take in their lives. These famous people worked hard to get where they are and some inherited their fame, Paris Hilton for example, but who are we to cross the line and enter their private world. Personally, I do not care how much cellulite Britney Spears has on her thighs, what person in their right mind would care.


sThe million dollar question.. Should celebrities be protected from paparazzi. I think that they deserve the privacy, but not that they will get it.
Each and every person in the world deserves their privacy. However, when you sign up for a job in the 'spotlight' you also know what all you are giving up. I am not saying it is right, but it is a little frustrating to see the people in the spotlight complaining about something that has been around forever. Why would one celebrity be any different than the rest? It is not like this is a new thing. So why I believe it would be the right thing to allow them their privacy, I can also realistically say that will probably never happen.
I can understand how people born into the lifestyle being upset though. I feel terrible for the children on reality shows, having to go through everything in their lives on television, with no say in the matter. I think that they deserve to have the cameras away from them too. At least adults ( actors, actresses, singers etc.) make the choice for themselves, those children have no choice. And they will be pounded by paparazzi for the rest of their lives. I see tabloids all the time showing 'child stars' that I have never heard of, and where they are now. Or just photos saying something about how bad they look, or that they got hooked on drugs. I don't feel bad for the adults, but the children should be left alone until they are old enough to make the decision for themselves.

Week Ten

From the newspaper, to the internet, to the television, to the magazines and to the radio, you always hear of some story about a famous figure. On the question whether or not the paparazzi should leave the people in entertainment and politics alone, vary from person to person. In some eyes, people wonder why someone is paying people to stock the famous people when if someone else did it, they would be arrested. Others will say, these people wanted to be in this and they knew what they were getting themselves into. The paparazzi are the price they have to pay.
The famous figures are the role models of many children, teenagers and even some adults. Many people want to know everything about these famous figures. In my opinion, I say just leave them alone. I am getting sick and tired of hearing about some famous person overdosing, getting in a car accident and etc. Sometimes, it hurts others that are in the business. I also agree that they knew this was going to happen so they should not really complain about it. Going back to the role model to many people in the world, if one behaves then one will not get a story out of the person. I guess money drives them mad.
As for protection from paparazzi, I have to say that one needs to have some free time away from everything. I have to say when someone is at home, they should not be bothered. Home is where the heart is. It is not a place for someone to get a story or picture from. Someone has to think though about the rights of the paparazzi. They have a right to take photos, right stories and etc. It is their job. They have to live too. In conclusion, famous figures should have protection from the paparazzi and some areas should be left alone so they can get away from everything. I have to end by saying this. These people knew what they were getting into and should not complain because of the paparazzi. They can just behave and be role models. The paparazzi cannot get anything that would cause trouble for them if they just do that.

Week 10

Yes, I believe celebrities should have protection from the paparazzi. I think media coverage of celebrities is getting out of hand. The public wants to know what stars are wearing, eating or shopping so we can become just like our idols, but come on people think for yourselves. The media takes this information a little too far in my opinion. It seems they choose one celebrity to report on and keep the public informed of every move this person makes until someone more notable creates a bigger mess. The Tiger Woods story got blown so out of proportion that I got tired of listening to the news. This was a marriage with children involved. Was it the public’s business to know what was happening in their marriage? I don’t think so. How will his children feel when they grow up and should happen to read the stories?

Then you have some of the people the media choose to report on that could not really be considered celebrities in the public eye until they (the media) start feeding us information. They make the stories interesting enough to catch the readers’ attention and all of a sudden we have another rejected reality show star made popular by the media. These people go into the business knowing their privacy will not be guaranteed, but it should be their choice as to what is offered for public knowledge. They need to draw a line and make sure that line is not crossed.

Stars might be in the public eye, but I don’t believe their lives should be an open book. Their job is to perform for our entertainment, but they should be entitled to the same respect for privacy just like any other human being. Their personal lives should be off limits. I can’t imagine being a celebrity and having to be “on stage” all the time.

I found a law that was passed in California by Gov. Schwarzenegger in 2005 that put more restrictions on the paparazzi especially when it comes to vehicles. Under the new laws, the paparazzi can be held liable for up to three times the amount of the damages caused by violation. The law can only protect celebrities to some extent, but there isn’t a lot that can be done with the stress of having a camera in your face all the time. The public has become obsessed with the private lives of these celebrities. www.pointparkglobe.com

week 10

Famous figures are always hounded y the paparazzi, some do like the paparazzi and some do not like the paparazzi. All famous public figures deserve protection from the paparazzi for safety reasons. The news media also has the right pursue these figures to get a story, but I believe some go to the extreme to get the story. They should respect their privacy as well. Famous public figure seems to have a problem with the paparazzi, but the media has a job to do as well as a famous public figure. Also another view point I have is that these famous public figures know what he or she was getting into by being a public figure and they also know that they won’t have any privacy from the paparazzi.
There are good points and bad points about paparazzi about the way they do their job. There job is find a story and tell it. There are times they don’t tell the whole story and that’s what starts roomers for the public figure. The good point is that the public figure might want to tell the public a story or a statement about him or her. A public figure should be careful how he or she acts because as soon as an idea from the paparazzi comes; he or she needs to watch out.


The World of the Paparazzi

I honestly cannot get over the fact that we rewarded a group of border line sleaze balls to stock our celebrities. Magazines pay people to do something most anyone else would be arrested for. Every time I hear of a celebrity getting upset and going off on these people I have to smile. I could not imagine sitting down at a dinner and have somebody sitting in the bushes hoping to get a shot of me with mustard on my chin. I personally hate tabloids like US Weekly http://www.usmagazine.com or the National Inquirer http://www.nationalenquirer.com/. We live in a time where our screen or sports heroes are under such a microscope that we don’t have any true heroes any more. Prime example of that is Tiger Woods, yes he messed up, but honestly did we need to know every little detail about it? How can we even be sure what we are hearing is the truth? Do not get me wrong, I do not see anything wrong with maybe seeing or hearing about them partying or maybe an open wedding, but they cross the line when they try to sneak into a closed wedding or a child’s birth, and do we really need to see everything Britney Spears or Paris Hilton has to offer? I just do not see why as a society we need all this information. I personally believe we need a true hero. Someone we can hang our hat on. And, then treat them as one, and not strip them of all dignity over a bad day, or a single bad decision. Who out there has yet to have an off day, or made a bad decision?

All this being said, I do believe there should be boundaries should be set on what the paparazzi do. These celebrities are people too; they have the right to their privacy just like me or you. When is enough, enough? I am sure there is the argument that they chose this life style. But, what is the cost of being famous? A total loss of privacy? Maybe I am way of base hear but this is how I feel. Thus, due to this, I have lost all trust for just about any media.

On a different note, this class has been kind of fun. It definitely brought me out of a comfort zone and allowed all of you to read my work. Thank you all for not being too harsh on me. Good luck in all of your endeavors in life.

Say Cheese !!

The question arises over privacy and whether every citizen has a right to privacy. That right only goes as far as each person prefers. When someone makes a decision to enter into a public lifestyle such as entertainment or politics they know what they are getting into. The amazing paycheck comes with a price. That price is the loss of privacy. Though the paparazzi quite often go beyond what I would personally consider acceptable, it is just the way things are. Do these celebrities deserve protection from this invasion? Not if I have to pay for it and not at the expense of law enforcement. With their monstrous incomes they could easily guarantee their own privacy to a point. I often have seen videos of celebrities kicking, punching, swearing, and spitting at paparazzi. This only fuels the fire. Every reporter wants a good story and the more the violent the reaction, the better the video.
Where does the privacy begin and the role as a public figure end? Unfortunately, that is a very hard line to draw. Paparazzi with telescopic lenses and helicopters flying over personal property tend to set me on edge. I am a very private person and could never tolerate this kind of personal violation. Perhaps this would explain the purchase of a 20 million dollar house with more square footage than a football field. Inside their home is their only true privacy. The moment they step out the door into the fresh air their privacy ends. Suck it up people. You made your choice. In fact, here’s a link for a site that really pushes the limit. http://www.tmz.com

Candle In The Wind

I believe that ALL public figures deserve a certain level of privacy regardless of their situation, and I believe the media frequently goes too far pursuing information, photos and video of public figures.

HOWEVER, media has given singers, actors, professional athletes and politicians exposure to millions of people. The public, in turn, buys their music, watches their movies and tunes in to their sports contests. It is the public’s admiration of their personalities, their art or their athleticism that allows celebrities to become rich and famous. Therefore, I believe that public figures should make themselves available to the media to discuss their professions and issues related to their professions. I also believe that it is fair for celebrities to be questioned and scrutinized when they have broken a law or violated a widely-accepted principle. If the public is interested in their art or profession, then the public deserves a certain amount of information about their personal lives... but within reason.

It is difficult to draw a clear line and make a blanket statement for all celebrities and public figures. Several issues factor in to each individual situation. A few possible questions to consider... Is it in the public interest to report on a celebrity's personal life? Is the celebrity simply going about his daily life? Is the celebrity going through a difficult situation independent of his actions (e.g. death of a family member, serious disease or injury)? Is the celebrity facing personal problems related to his own actions (e.g. committed a crime, marital infidelity, controversial comment)? Does the celebrity welcome the attention?

Tiger Woods faced a great deal of scrutiny and questioning about his personal life following the revelation of his marital infidelity. While he brought the problems upon himself, his (and Elin's) problems were compounded by the fact that the whole saga was played out publicly. If a regular ol' John Q. Lunchpail had done the same thing, he would have been able to deal with his issues much more privately.

I believe that approaching a celebrity at his home is out of bounds. Approaching celebrities while they are trying to enjoy their private lives (dinner, beach, etc.) should be done with great discretion. And for private moments like the birth of a child or loss of a loved one, the media should allow the celebrity as much privacy as he asks for.

In cases of personal indiscretion or questionable judgment, then the celebrity has a certain level of accountability to the public whose admiration made the celebrity famous... again, within reason.

To summarize, I believe that public figures ARE subject to media attention... sometimes unwanted attention. But the media doesn't have carte blanche to snap photos and demand interviews at will, if it is an unreasonable invasion of the celebrity's privacy. Many believe that Princess Diana's relationship with the paparazzi was a contributing factor to her untimely death.

External Links;
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The paparazzi

The paparazzi are out of control as we all know. Yes, I believe that public figures deserve protection from them and No, the news media does not have the right to pursue these figures at will. Yes, these people have chosen on some level to be in the public eye but they deserve some privacy as well. It should be o.k. to pursue them as long as it is alright with them, but as soon as they make it known that they value their privacy then it becomes a matter of respect. The paparazzi should have respect for their wishes and their families. Those that are willing participants have in essence made it known and therefore game on. But as I mentioned if a person speaks out on even one occasion then the paparazzi need to lay off and go make their money elsewhere. Unfortunately we live in a world driven by the almighty dollar and the paparazzi are paid top dollar for their photos so on some level I can understand why constantly invading someone’s privacy is beneficial to them. An unfortunate side effect of the paparazzi is that kids these days are being sent a message that says they really don’t have to respect anyone’s wishes and that it’s o.k. to just do whatever the H#*@ they want to do without regard for another person’s feelings. It is also unfortunate that many people enjoy everybody else’s business more than they enjoy their own. A public figure’s role as public figure should end and their privacy begin when they want it to. When they feel they’ve had enough it should be up to them and no one else. Maybe they could send out an official newsletter or statement saying that they want some privacy and then it should be game over for the paparazzi; Time to move on!!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Week 10

I think that many people in the public eye end up being hounded by the paparazzi because of their own actions. When public figures act out in public, they can expect to find themselves in tabloids and all over the internet. For instance, if Lindsey Lohan behaved herself, there would not be as much interest in her. She brings on this attention herself. http://content.usatoday.com/communities/entertainment/post/2010/07/lindsay-lohan-nail-message-was-a-joke/1?csp=34

With that being said, I believe that all people have a right to their privacy. Many public figures do try to maintain some level of privacy and I do not believe that the paparazzi have the right to pursue them at will. If someone took a picture of me, with a high-powered camera lens, I think that would be stalking. If someone followed me around attempting to take pictures of my children, I would fear for their safety. While public figures can expect that they will be photographed when in public, they should not fear for their own or their children’s safety.

Many celebrities have release photos of their own children in order to stop the paparazzi from stalking them for pictures. These pictures bring in big money for the photographers, so they become very aggressive. This behavior would land them in jail for stalking or harassment if it were directed at a regular person. Celebrities do not have the same protection from this behavior, though. It is hard to define where the celebrity’s public life end and their personal life begins because they live in the spotlight. Without a doubt, any stalker-like behavior that puts them in danger, invades their privacy, their homes, or involves their children, should be completely off limits. I can understand the cases of famous people who break the cameras of the paparazzi that stalk them. After all, Princess Diana died in a car accident while trying to avoid the paparazzi. That is just not right. http://news.bbc.co.uk/onthisday/hi/dates/stories/august/31/newsid_2510000/2510615.stm

Week Ten

I am truly on the fence on the topic of paparazzi giving stars privacy. I think that no matter what your profession is, you or your families lives should never be put in danger. Even as a public figure, there should be the right to be in your own house and yard without your privacy invaded. I know that there are laws against this, however paparazzi still have manged to take famous people's pictures with powerful lens. Such as Jennifer Aniston which a paparazzi climbed her fence and used this high powered zoom lens to take her picture in her back yard. This should not be tolerated. However, I think that it is the responsibility of the public figure to pay and pursue protection, not the government.

I also feel like famous and public figures, know what their role is and should take measures to try and lead a private life. Usually, the stars and politicians that get bombarded by paparazzi, are the ones that are out there causing scenes and getting into trouble. This is what creates the high attention frenzy that the paparazzi go out to get their pictures, and get paid such great amounts for.

In my opinion, public figures should expect their pictures taken while in the public eye. If they have their family out, or it is clearly not just a publicity stroll then common courtesy says leave them alone. Like I said, dangerous measures should never be taken just for a photo to be taken of someone. These people are just that... people. They were born into this world just like the rest of us.

Public figure's role should end when they walk into their door, and on their property. They deserve privacy too, and if they ask to have some they should get it. Who doesn't want a little time to themselves? Even those with the most money would not want to be stuck in rooms or homes because they can't go out without getting swarmed by photographers. Their children didn't ask for that either, even if the parents are putting them in that position. Others should think about that.

Week 10

I do believe there is a time and place for paparazzi. I think that when the famous person is out with their friends, family or even at their home, they need privacy. I couldn't imagine my every move being recorded or in a magazine. When these figures go to photo shoots or a place where they are doing something for work, they should expect it there. I expecially don't think it's right when they are out to eat.

These public figures are only human as well as everyone else so therefore, they want their privacy like we do. They deserve the right to privacy expecially for how much they are followed while working. I understand the news media wanting good pictures and good stories for their news but it has to end somewhere. I think it's only fair if news people were aloud to show up at their work site and work site only.

If this public figure is at their home, they definately need privacy. I don't think they should be photographed while walking, shopping or eating. These are things an average person does and they don't have to worry about paparazzi so neither should they. I don't think it's right that a public figure's picture can be on a magazine without them knowing. Three weeks later the figure can see their picture on or in something and can be humiliated. If all the paparazzi would stop a little bit, I think the figures would have less stress in their lives.

Week 10

I believe public figures' do have the right of needing protection from the paparazzi. When the public figures' are with friends and family that is their private time out of the public eye. The paparazzi needs to respect their privacy during those times. As well as when the public figures' are at their children's school functions that is private time. The paparazzi has caused many celebrities to get hurt while trying to take pictures. It is outrageous as to how far paparazzi will go to get the information they want. Paparazzi has rode in helicopters over celebrity weddings to gain pictures of private ceremonies. Maybe if the paparazzi would get a life for themselves they would stay out of celebrities lives.

The only times the paparazzi should be in the public figures' view is when making a movie, show or whatever their doing as far as for their career. Like being on the red carpet or leaving from a shoot to enhance their career. Other than those times the paparazzi should mind their business. The paparazzi wants to be in the public figures' personal life and spread all their business over the world. To me that is so disrespectful to take pictures of family problems and show the world. Yes I understand they are celebrities but everyone makes mistakes and just because they are celebrities doesn't mean they don't. Maybe that is why we see so many celebrities dying from drug abuse because they feel they can't do no wrong and the minute they do the paparazzi has a field day with it. I think many people put too much pressure on celebrities to live a certain way and at some point they can't do it anymore and turn to drugs. Why can't people just mind their business?

If the paparazzi would respect the public figures' life and only take pictures of when they are working then maybe the paparazzi would gain more information if they gained their trust. The paparazzi is going about getting their information all wrong. By sneaking around, paying people money and stalking the celebrities. Paparazzi respect the public figures' lives and you might gain respect.


Paparazzi; Creepers 'gon creep.

So the question is where do we draw the line as far as what celebrities deserve as privacy and what should be able to be made public.

For as long as there has been such a thing as a camera, there have been paparazzi. They are everywhere in Hollywood. It is almost strange to think of being a paparazzi as a real profession. It seems like they are practically professional stalkers. Can you say creeper?

But, in my personal opinion, that is part of what comes along with being a celebrity. There are certain things that go along with certain professions both on and off the job. Do you think that doctors enjoy answering random medical questions and looking at rashes (sometimes in questionable areas) on strange peoples bodies? Most likely not. But it happens, and thus is life.

I do however believe that every person deserves a certain level of privacy just to preserve their dignity, and to protect their families. I think that I could handle a paparazzi recording my every move, but it would be very hard to watch them do it to my children. That is a whole other matter. It doesn't seem right for them to loose their privacy by proxy.
After some research, I cannot find any laws that protect celebrities from the paparazzi. I believe that they would be protected from being photographed while they are in their private homes (or not in public) for the simple fact that is would basically be like stalking. Taking pictures of Jessica Alba at a restaurant; okay. Taking pictures of Jessica Alba in the shower in her hotel room; not okay. Get what I'm saying?

The answer is that there is no real answer. Things aren't always black and white.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Week 10 Blog

There is a time and a place for public figures to be photographed. If the celebrity says no, leave me alone I think the paparazzi should respect their wishes. I know that celebrities are celebrities because of their fans, but I think the paparazzi have gotten out of hand. I am not sure how to monitor or regulate the paparazzi, but I do think something needs to be done. Celebrities deserve some quiet time with their family or friends, without being constantly hounded.

When a celebrity has to go as far as getting a protection order, than things are definitely out of hand! In 2009 Nicole Richie had to get a protection order from 2 celebrity photographers for both herself and her two children (http://news.ninemsn.com.au/entertainment/925293/richie-gets-protection-from-paparazzi). There should be protection for a celebrity when they are with their family, especially young children. Their children should not have to be subjected to the hassle of the paparazzi or the chance of getting hurt when trying to escape the paparazzi. I would be upset too if I had to constantly protect my children from paparazzi harassment.

The role of a public figure should end when they are on their own time. If a public figure is not on the set of a movie or at a celebrity event, I think they should have the right to their own privacy. They should not be followed and chased when they are trying to have a family outing, go shopping or out to eat. The celebrities should also have the right to privacy at their homes, which is private property.

I know some celebrities use the paparazzi to their advantage and they may “leak” their location so that they get the free publicity. When a celebrity does this it kind of ruins it for the other celebrities who want their privacy.

Myers - Week 10 Mass Media Law

I think that famous figures do not deserve protection from the paparazzi. They chose their profession and I think that if they do not want the limelight, then they should not have chosen this occupation. If a person feels threatened by the news media and feel that they are being “hounded,” then they should, with their own funds, hire the protection they feel that they need. There is a small part of me that feels sorry for these people, but the larger part of me is not concerned with them. I do not think that we, as a society, should put these people up on a pedestal. I think that is part of what is wrong with how we view famous people. I can honestly say that I have never met anyone famous and I am not sure how I would react, but I am very hopeful that I would not faint, or fawn all over him or her. I am hopeful that I would treat them as a person and not as someone who thinks they are deserving of the moon and sun!

I think the news media have a right to pursue these people and any other idea or thing that they think is newsworthy. Would we limit the news media on pursuing hurricanes or other natural disasters that happen around the world? If we limit the media on certain items, I think that we are taking away their First Amendment rights.

As far as trying to determine the line of public and private life for public figures, I like the following quote from an article I read on thenewsmanual.com:

If a serious actor makes his living from his performances but does not attempt to gain extra publicity when off the stage, he would have more success in demanding a private life away from media attention.

This argument also extends to sportsmen and women who try to be public personalities off the field as well as on it. If they use the media to make money, they cannot be surprised when the media use their private lives to sell newspapers.

The more that people use the media machine, the more they can expect to be used by it.

I do not think that I can begin to say the same thing as well as this quote puts it. I think that as a celebrity who may feed off the media, they lose the right to tell the media when and where they want their private lives to begin and end.



Week 10 beveridge

I feel that the paparazzi has gotten way out of control in recent years. Many celebrities careers have been ruined by the media. Tiger Woods is a recent example. Tiger is the most dominate golfer of all time, he made some bad decisions but then again who hasnt? I am not saying that cheating on your spouse is o.k. but it happens all the time from President of the U.S. to the bum on the street it happens. Only when it happens to somebody famous does the nation take interest. Tiger cannot go anywhere without the paparazzi hounding him snapping pictures asking questions etc.... Britnney Spears is another example, anytime a celebrity gets drunk, does something stupid, goes out without makeup on or breaks up a relationship all of a sudden it is everyone's business and the media is flooded with it from t.v. to newspapers, and magazines its everywhere. My question who really cares? I know that the paparazzi hides behind the freedom of speech and press and that the public has a right to know but I feel that it is getting out of hand. A celebrity's personal life should stay that way, what they do off the set, off screen, off the golf course etc.. should be their business. However, can the paparazzi be the only ones blamed? no, we the people have made such a big deal about what celebrities do every second of every day that we have condemed them to this lifestyle. Some celebrities love the attention some do not and I feel that we the people have let it get out of control. So to answer the questions no I do not feel the paparazzi should pursue celebrities at will or have the ability to and I feel that once the celebrity gets to his/her home they are not celebrities anymore and thats where it should end. We as a people need to realize that they are people not gods or our own property we do not have a right to know what goes on in their personal lives and I feel that more strict laws should be put into place to reduce the amount of freedom the paparazzi has.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Age Web

The internet is a very big part of our society and generation. It is a useful resource that can be used for so many different reasons and in different ways. Business, Research, Social interaction, and fun.
I was first exposed to computers and the internet when I was around thirteen. I loved everything about computers, and Chat features were my favorite. Granted things have still progressed a lot on those levels too. I am the "baby" of my family so honestly I was the only one in the house that used the computer, and knew how to turn it on. I purposely took a computer typing and computer word processing classes my last couple years of high school, but now days the kids are required. At this point, most of them already know most of what they are going to teach them anyways because teens are so in tune with all kinds of technology these days anyways. I am amazed that they are helping with the school web-site and doing the graphic angle of it as well. That wasn't even an option when I was in high school.
It has been around fifteen years since I first started using the computers and web, and I have came a long way. There aren't too many days that I don't use my laptop. Which our house has four. My daughters that are five and seven, know how to turn on the computer and get into their own individual folders, favorite folders on the internet, and put in educational cd rom games. It is monitored of course, but we feel that computers are such a huge part they should know how to use one. (They have them in the classroom in the Kindergarten and Pre-school classes too!) .. This is Crazy! Maybe because thinking back we still took naps in Kindergarten, let alone play with anything electronic.
As I was saying, I use the internet every day on my laptop, on my phone, at work, for school, and to "facebook" when I get the chance to.
When I had to call someone that was over fifty, I immediately thought of my mother. She makes me smile so much, and I always try to be patient with her. She gets so frustrated with opening attachments, can't attach things, and sometimes needs help registering on web-sites, at least that is how it started a couples years ago. Back in her day, she used a type write and word processer, which basically looked like a nice electronic typewriter to me ( I used to play around with it). She has came along way, I take the time to write step by step everything down for her, and set up Favorites and Shortcut icons and other one click items so it would be easy. Now she knows how to do all of that, and has her own facebook account! She likes to use the computer now, and knows how to use and search the internet among other things, I am So proud of her! She still doesn't like if something goes wrong with a site or computer though.
It is hard when you aren't use to something, and new things are not only introduced but overtake everything it seems. The internet and technology has basically done this. Every where you look, and almost everything you do is on the internet today. Bill paying, shopping, databases, etc.

To some extent I think there is a divide between generations. A common stereotype is that senior citizens or "older" people, highly dislike the internet and computers. They think they are impersonal and don't like the change. Where younger people do everything on the internet, like I already stated. There are those though that do want to learn, and take the time to catch up.
I do think that over time this divide will eventually fade and close. As time goes on, technology just continues to spread and grow into this amazing thing. More people of any age will use it, and will depend on it. One day we will be the senior citizens, while new items are being introduced, and hopefully we will still have an open mind then.

Week Nine!!!

The Inter-Web

The Internet, what a marvelous invention! What did we ever do before the world was pumped into our homes and left at our figure tips? I am a little older can well remember the days before the net. If you needed to do research you had to go to a place called a library, or look up things in the weird sets of books called encyclopedias, how primitive. The first time I ever used the internet was way back in nineteen hundred and ninety eight, I think. I remember an old girlfriend helped me set up an electronic mail address. She was going off to college and I lived close to that library thing, they had one of them-there fancy computers things. I don’t think I ever really used that email address but maybe a couple times, I had a phone in my apartment. But, times have drastically changed, and through boredom and the fact that everything is now on computers so have I, mostly self-taught I might add. I now have two personal email addresses, one for school and one for military that all get checked daily. Not, to mention that a lot of my bills are now paid online. I don’t even have a payment book for my truck payment. Also, I am always following the activity in my checking account via the net not that there is ever much activity. And, I am capable of taking these things apart and fixing them along with some minor trouble shooting. Most of my household uses the internet for more professional things like school and such, however then there is my fiancĂ©e’s little sister, who’s eighteen, who spends her days on social sites like MySpace http://www.myspace.com/ and Facebook http://www.facebook.com/ . I personally do not see the attraction to this. I mean putting all your personally feelings and info out there for any and every one? That’s just not me I guess. Maybe I am just too old for that.

However, speaking of the social sites, my step father who, is a very young 75 years old, just set up his own Facebook page This is mind blowing considering he fought the idea of even having a computer in his house. After he broke down and bought one it set for almost three years before he would allow the internet to be hooked up. Now he is a self-taught internet wiz. If you want something bought or sold via EBay http://www.ebay.com/ he is your man. He has been known to spend hours in his computer room just surfing the day away. This isn’t a bad thing, at 75 his back hurts a little more and his hands don’t work as good, so why not play on the web? We all just find it funny that the man who was so against a computer is so hooked now, he is even considering getting a laptop so he can watch TV from his couch and do his web surfing.

I am sure this is not the case for every older person. If fact my mother who is 59 isn’t as tech savvy as Al (my step father). Older folks don’t even mess with web, or computers. My barber is 84 years old and told me he has never been on the internet, he has no need. So yes in that aspect there is a divide there. I am almost positive that divide is shrinking and will continue to shrink over time as we all inevitable age, well the rest of you age anyways, I am counting backwards now for my birthdays.

The Web, a miracle for all of us!

To begin this weeks, blog we discuss the divide and possible age gap between people using the web, young and old. To me I know when I first encountered this astounding new creation, I was maybe 8 years old and I was in second or third grade, I was amazed. Our teacher had wanted us to do a assignment for school and it had to do with some kind of research for a history project and she wanted us to get as much data collected as possible. Well I remember how much you were able to gather with the little time we had to do it, it really was so innovating to see. You could collect data; get information, chat, all kinds of things that I had not even begun to learn just yet. Later we would soon find this is now a central part of any Americans and so many others lives worldwide it's almost unfathomable. To gain widespread information in a matter of seconds, at age 8 I was trying to comprehend this and it only had just touched the surface of what I could understand of it, now it's like a phone or a television, you almost feel lost without it sometimes. But I think everyone agrees without the web part of so many striving things in the workforce, the world's workforce and so many other enterprising things couldn't even exist without the creation of the web, we would still be creating stone circles for wheels if you catch my drift!!

So when it comes to my own flesh in blood, brother, mom, dad, grandmother, cousins, aunt's even uncles, I can't say at least one of these people and I have not had at some conversation piece at one point in my life were it at the time had something to do with some bit of data or information found online or about something just merely online itself. I think others would agree also. Now when it comes to their own well their own online abilities or how they process and how fluently they can navigate through it, well yes, some are better than others. I only say some because when let's say my brother and I had learned how to use it, my parents were already using it at work, so it depends on the persons background were they are in their life, and what focus or direction their life is in, because with most anymore they have some terminal they use the internet for at some point in their day. It is almost a general requirement for some.

The only person I can ever remember having had problems or not quite navigating to internet subpar was my late grandma, at first she got so frustrated, oh how that made me laugh so much at the time! But, as everyone else someone like myself sat down with her and helped her understand it as I did. Before I knew she was hooked on instant messaging her girlfriends for cards, or other little get together's. This may have made me laugh even more so at times, now that I think about it! Ah, well any how that is another story entirely. Now we won't begin to speak about what my grandfather was like when he saw the internet, it still makes me laugh to tears because he thought people were crazy for getting wrapped up in what he called crap! So, he never once even used it, didn't need to be was what he always said. Other than that everyone in my family even immediate is pretty much their own web connoisseur! But for the rest in that age group would still be my mother and father and they use it just as good or better then I sometimes. We all seem to teach other new tricks or sites that may make life a little easier every once in awhile. So it's pretty widespread a tie, for both young and old anymore. Even those I know that are retired use it to stay entertained or keep in touch with loved ones that do live as close as they used to anymore. This is why I truly have to say and very deeply feel the web is a miracle for both young & old.

I think the only divides are those left who had retired before it was so heavily introduced into modern society. Meaning those people left that would fit into that divide would have for me anyway, either no longer be with us, or had gotten out of the whole internet mix before it was such a part of your work, life, and home environment. I may not even have anyone in my circle of people that does not use it for some form or another, but I have had friends say they have parents or grandparents that don't understand it, and can't quite grasp how to steer through what they call a mess. But it can be dividing because for kids they are required to learn the basics of this so early on, were as adults would only be if they were required to by their job to be taught a day class or short program on web navigation. Others simply learn from someone else who has learned how to use it and passed their knowledge on to them. So when you ask will the divide change, well I say it already has, and narrows every day. We live in a technology based world now, nothing isn't without some sort of formatted intricate electronic device, or being linked to a computer. We are becoming the people of the future and our world is truly at least in the respect becoming this modern society that couldn't exist at times without it. Sad to say, and even sadder to truly grasp that, but it is at it may, and again this is another story in itself altogether! So I say the gap closes quite narrowly tomorrow, next week, and in the following year and only continues so as time goes by faster than we think!

If you look at other countries I suppose this divide could be ghostly at times, creating people to either catch up or be left behind. If one truly sits and thinks about what I am trying to state, it's that of the industrial error, or so on and so forth, in culture modern and past those towns, cities, remote countries, other places down this long list, but those places that didn't choose to go with the trend and get involved with the world that was changing and find it's place it left them to be stuck in the past and fizzle and well just fade into the background. This is why places like the U.S. and Japan, or China are so truly into this new century and others are jumping the bandwagon because it's the communication and technology path of the future, it is a gateway that will leave some at the back of the class and some getting ahead. It will remain to be seen it's true effects until many years from now when people are asking about us and the era we live in. But that's just my opinion I guess it may sound a bit crazy but I always try to look at the so much bigger picture and its effects as a whole.

-Tim Murphy ( murphy-7506 )

Week Nine

I use the internet daily, for most everything that I can use it for. My fiance is always telling me that I spend way too much time online and I need to spend more time offline and out of the house. That seems like a nightmare to me! lol. I think I learned to use the internet in middle school, I believe it was in 8th grade. I did not actually start using the internet frequently until around 9th grade when research was normally assigned with online sites listed. I did take a class on internet usage in high school, however most of what I learned was self taught. I found it to be very easy to learn how to use the internet considering that is was still new when I was learning.
My father just recently began using the internet. He still calls me in the middle of the day to come over and fix the computer or talk him through doing something. When I asked him what he thought of learning the computer, he said that he wants to learn just what he has to do, and nothing more. He actually uses my email address for the games he plays online just because he doesn't want to have an email address for himself, claiming he doesn't know how to use it and does not want to learn.
I think the divide is closing, but not yet closed. By the time my children are in college I don't think the divide will exist anymore, but for now there are still "old-timers" who either do not know or do not want to know, how to use the internet. My aunt actually refusing to use the internet and does not like her children using it either, saying that the internet is the easy way out. She wants her children to work for their education and doesn't believe that being able to look up anything they want to online is actually learning anything other than how to use Google.

Week Nine

Do you remember when you were in school and everything was written by hand? When you had to know how to spell and were unable to use spell-check. Even though, I am young in age, I remember those days. Now, it seems that everyone is yelling at the computer for being too slow. Don’t tell me, you haven’t done that at least once or are you someone that is thinking why even bother with it? It seems time has passed quickly and our world, well at least United States, cannot live without a computer. As I grew up, the only place I used a computer was at school. It was not until 8th grade when I started to use the computer at home. We had a computer at home and I used it, now and then, but it never crossed my mind to use it all the time. In elementary school, everyone wrote everything and in middle school that was when we had an option to type or write our school work. As for me, I would write most of my work. That all changed when I was in 8th grade, when we had to type everything and hand-written work was unacceptable. This is when my journey on the Wide World Web started to grow. I knew how to use the internet but since it was slow, because of dial-up, I did not use it often before the 8th grade. Now, I could not imagine the world without the internet. I use it to blog, chat with friends, play games and do school work.
As for the people in my household, they are my grandparents. My grandfather is in his 60’s and besides his age, one would never guess that he grew up without a computer. He uses the internet for e-mail, paying bills, doing taxes, playing games and even blogs with his close friend in a league he is part of. As long as I can remember, my grandfather could always find his way on the internet. It was never a challenge for him to learn.
My grandmother is the complete opposite. Besides cleaning my grandfather’s computer keyboard and screen, she has never laid one finger on a computer. She tells me, it is a waste of time. The computer is an easy street to an answer. It is better for someone to do it by reading a book or trying something new. Someone would never know what they might find out about them self. That is her motto. My grandfather always says that it is because she never tried it that my grandmother says those things. My grandmother just fights back and says the computer is no use to her. Sometimes, I wish I was like my grandmother. It would be nice to live without the computer and internet. Finding the answer in a book, writing a paper without Microsoft Word or WordPad, receiving or writing a letter and doing other things rather than wasting time on a computer is very rewarding.
Some people may say that there is a divide between generations. I will say there is not. I have a pen pal, close to my age which is nineteen, that does not know how to work a computer. She uses it to type papers for school but anything else is lost to her. She said that there are many people her age that don’t use a computer or internet and they get by just fine. My grandfather knows how to use the computer and internet as well as he knows to brush his teeth every day. It is not a divide between generations. It is the fact of how someone has grown up. Time may change that but in my opinion, there is always going to be someone, no matter what age, that does not know how to use a computer, use the internet or will never use it. I may be wrong. We will just have to see what the future brings. Until then, in my household at least, you will hear someone yelling at the computer or for the internet being too slow. As well as someone thinking why even bother.

Week 9

We are all tech nerds at my house and all use the internet on a daily basis. We have 2 computers at home and many times, my husband and I both have our work computers at home too. My son gets online with his iPod Touch. My husband surfs the internet with his cell phone. We can get online with the Wii and we just bought a Blue Ray player that we intend on using the Wi-Fi to stream Netflix on. We use the internet for entertainment, news, shopping, social networking, school, paying bills, and just about anything else that you can think of. So far, the kids are not more tech-savvy than my husband and I, but I am sure that the day will come.

This is all pretty amazing considering 15 years ago we did not have a computer in our home. I don’t remember exactly when I was introduced to the internet, but I remember when we got our first computer. I was pregnant with my second child, so it was about 12 yrs ago. I remember my 4 yr old asking to play a game and I did not know how to start it up. I called my husband and he told me to turn on the computer and Jake could show me how. There was NO WAY I was going to let my little kid know more about computers than I did! I went to school, I am now Microsoft Office certified and I am very proficient on the computer.

Recently, I kept missing calls from my aunt and uncle. I knew they were coming for a visit, but did not know when, so I texted my cousin. She responded,” they don’t leave messages, or text, or send email, or even have the internet.” While they were here, I talked to them about this. They are both professionals. My aunt works full time and my uncle is semi-retired. They both have email accounts and use the internet daily at work. They do not use it for anything that they do not need and will not use the email account for personal use. They have a computer at home, but my uncle doesn’t trust the internet. He says he does not want to get a virus that would destroy his pictures, as he is very skilled in Photoshop. Because of their jobs and their ages, they have been using the internet as long as businesses have been using it. They are content to live with very little access to technology in their personal lives. They barely turn on their cell phones. LOL

We have very different uses for the internet and technology. I wonder how they live without it. Then again, I’ll bet they get a lot more done around the house than we do! There is a definitely divide between our household and theirs. I do think that the divide will narrow, as older people are becoming more computer savvy. When multiplied across a larger scale of society, I think that we will see that the less fortunate/less educated will still be the portion of society that does not jump on the technology bandwagon.

Week 9-Beveridge

In my house my wife and I use the internet in abundance. My kids are still way to little to use a computer and we have two laptops so we dont have to share lol. I use the internet for school mostly, doing homework and most of my classes are online. I also use it for research, looking up the news, youtube, ebay, sports and facebook. My wife uses the internet for most of the same reasons mostly facebook and getting the current news. My Uncle in close to 60 and uses the internet more than I do. He looks up local sports on jjhuddle and works from home as an accountant for a company in Mansfield. He has two computers one is his and the other is for work. It is linked directly to the companies mainframe and he can balance the books and print the paychecks all from the comfort of his home. He first bought a computer in 95 right around the time the internet first came out and he learned how to use it along with my generation. I was 10 at the time so the schools started teaching us how to use them so I would show him what I learned and that is how he got exposed to it. My grandmother is 70 and uses the internet mostly for facebook. She recently got remarried after my grandfather died in 05 and her new husband likes to travel so that is how she keeps in touch with everyone. She was exposed to the internet in the early part of the decade after she retired and was at home bored.

I feel the gap is already closed. The baby boomers use the internet some, generations X and Y created it and grew up with it and now our children are exposed to it from birth. There will always be some gap however. My uncle refuses to use a cell phone much like my father refuses to own a credit card. The new generation will always have a new toy the older generation will not want to use or know how to use but that is the way things go you either learn and adapt or get left behind. I am sure that by the time my oldest daughter is in the 3rd grade she will know more about computers than I will as the curriculum changes and they have become more previlant in our lives. Our dependency on the internet has lead to its usefullness and popularity and it will only grow and become more of a force in our lives. Many high schools now offer online classes soon a campus and the fear of highschool will only be a memory.

Week 9 – The Internet

My son and I use the Internet on a daily basis. We live in the country so to have it helps us to stay connected. It would be a whole different world without it. I can’t imagine having to go to the library every time I need to take care of some work for school. Miles, my son, uses it mostly for entertainment and social interaction at this point in his life. I do encourage using it as a learning tool but, it is really all about fun these days. As for me, I didn’t start using a computer until about two years ago. I know….Crazy!! I use the Internet for learning in school, communicating, and some social interaction. Also to learn about: astrology, cooking, nature, gardening, photography, and whatever else I can think of. I was first exposed to the Internet while job hunting. It was through friends and family. I guess the first step was creating an e-mail account and that gave me reason to keep going back to it. Now I mainly use it for school and I sure am learning a lot.

I called upon my Mom, who is 67, for this comparison and wasn’t really surprised to hear that she still uses the Internet for certain things like e-mail, communicating with friends, Facebook, and for further exploration of things that she has seen on T.V. She did say that is not a part of her everyday life at least not since her retirement last year. Right now she might get on about three days a week for maybe 5-6 hours at a time and do everything she needs to in that period. She was introduced to the Internet about 20 years ago through her work in a Columbus law firm and found it easy to learn and explore. She did mention she loves Netflix.

Between the three of us there are more similarities than there are differences. I feel there is a divide, in general, to be found but as time goes by that divide will become smaller as the Internet finds more and more users each day. The generation gap is shrinking and eventually, I’m guessing, everyone will become Internet users in one way or another. The social effects when multiplied across the large scale of society are hard to predict. As with everything there is good and bad, I feel people still need to get out and enjoy the things that are right in front of them. Therefore, I am not a fan of people hiding away in their caves addicted to the Internet. On a positive note, it is a great learning tool and if used correctly can be very socially beneficial.

In conclusion, my prediction is that in less than twenty years there will be no divide and no noticeable differences from generation to generation as far as Internet use is concerned.

Week 9 Internet

I was exposed to the internet when I was in seventh grade. I will never forget it. We had a computer class that was "required" to take to pass into the eighth grade. While I was in this class, I learned a lot about the internet and pretty much how to type. We played many different games to teach us how to type and use the internet. Ever since this year, I have been using the interent. I remember when my friends and I were in middle school using the internet. We would always look up the movies playing for that weekend. A huge thing when I was in middle school was MSN Messenger. This is a chatting system where you could talk to your friends. At this time it was a big deal and I was on it everyday, when I was home from school. My parents are both younger. They are in their mid 40's. I think this age group of people are definetly a lot better with computers than people 60 and up. This middle age group of people had to learn how to use the internet for their jobs. Most jobs now, can't be done without the internet. My mother only uses the internet for her work and while shes at work. When she gets home, she is never on the computer. My father does not deal with computers during his work day and he doens't even own one at his home. I don't know how he lives because there is no way I could do this!!

I talked to my grandmother about this, and she is 65 years old. My grandmother doesn't even own a computer, never has and according to her, never will! lol! She doesn't like all the "complicated" stuff you have to do on a computer. She has been a stay-at-home mother since she graduated high school, so she never really had to use a computer. So knowing this, my grandmother came to my house and I tried to show her how to work a computer. She didn't like it at all. She doesn't really have patience for it. It comes easy to me because I grew up learning how to work a computer. Coming from someone that's never been on a computer could frustrate you.

I think there definetly is a divide here. Most older people don't even own a computer in their home. Some do, but rarely you see it. Parents with younger kids, are pretty much quarenteed to have a computer of some sort in their home. I'm not really sure if the gap will narrow any. I feel like at a certain age people think to themselves, " I haven't used a computer this long, why start now?" I believe it will change in the future. I think around 50 years from now, we will see a difference. Most kids are now being raised with a computer in their home, so when these kids get older, they are not going to get rid of a computer because they will rely on it too much. I know when I get older, there will always be a computer in my house. I honestly don't think there are any social effects with not having a computer. My grandma and grandpa understand more than I do and most the time know a lot more of what's going on than I do. Back in the days , they didn't have to have a computer to get through college. Today, you can do it without a computer but it would be very hard. You rely on a computer so much that we don't even realize it. I use the internet for a lot of things and it definetly makes things easier.


The internet is my family’s primary source of communication, we instant message, e-mail, and facebook each other almost on a daily basis. My children, parents, nieces, and nephews all live in Pennsylvania and by using the resources we keep up to date on what is going on with each other’s lives. My eldest child is my daughter, Tabitha; she is also the mother to my granddaughter Kelly and one, which is due in October. We use our webcams as often as possible so I can see them without being right there. Tabi will not get in front of the camera because she feels she is getting fat, in my opinion she looks fantastic, anyway I do get to see how much Kelly is growing and changing. Timothy, my oldest son uses the internet to look up information on the newest things happening in the automobile industry and talking to him mommy. Joseph, my youngest child is the techie in the family. At 17 years old, he can do anything with a computer and the internet. Joey is planning to attend Blizzard when he graduates high school next year. Joey is self-taught and has designed web pages for his school and for the store, he works at in Pennsylvania. Along with designing web pages, he has also made games, which is what he wants to do after graduation and the purpose for attending Blizzard. My daddy is a big user of the internet, he uses it to stay in touch with our family and he does online dating. Daddy lost his wife in 1992 and has been single ever since, but he still dates and as he puts it, “will never find a woman as good as Joyce”, she was my step-mom. When he finds old pictures, he thinks I might like he will scan them and send them to me via…the internet.

As I previously stated, I utilize the internet for communicating with family and friends, retrieving news worthy information, research, and fun. The first time I was exposed to the internet was actually in high school. My high school was one of the first to initiate the internet within their curriculum (1982) and that was my first experience with the internet. Unfortunately, it was in my senior year so I did not have any real experience with the internet. The first time I actually utilized the internet was probably in the late 80’s or early 90’s and I remember going through DOS to use the system. The computer I used was an IBM compatible with the original Windows and DOS operating systems on it and AOL was not very popular at that time. Boy, what a blast from the past! I remember the screen itself being black and the letters were yellow, bright yellow and the dial up was load. It looked like a data matrix pattern and sounded like an old Okie Data printer. I learned how to use the internet by trial and error, which I do not recommend to anyone. By using this technique I found out was a virus was and the importance of protecting your computer for these bugs.

My daddy uses his computer every day, since retiring from Boeing, he has more time to look things up for fun and information. Daddy was first exposed to the internet while working at Boeing. He uses his information to pay his bills, all of his banking is done online, and he even controls his retirement fund disbursements online. For a man of his age he has not problem learning new and exciting things, as he says, “when you stop learning you might as well be dead.” Daddy found it virtually easy to learn and use the internet; he says I am just like him we both like to learn. There are many similarities in my experiences as my father’s we both pretty much learned how to utilize the systems at the same time only through different resources. Both of us do all of our banking online, however I do not have a retirement account yet but will eventually. We communicate with the family and share pictures with each other. My daddy is definitely more computer savvy than I am but that gives me something to strive for in the future. The divide will narrow over the next few years and eventually I “WILL” become more skilled on the internet. Social networks will increase and I fear they might begin to charge for using the services. Currently social networks consist of MySpace, Twitter, and Facebook, probably others that I am not familiar with but you can find old high school friends, old boyfriends, and make new friends as well. Recently my high school classmates named me class historian because I was the only one who could name all of my kindergarten classmates from the class picture in 1969. I have a gift for remembering names as long as I have a face to put with them. Not to get off track, but with these social networks you can stay in touch with old friends and find out have their families are doing and what is going on in their part of the world. Social networking on the internet will definitely increase, how fast, I have no idea but I am sure it will be quickly.

The internet

I use the internet for multiple reasons, all of which I consider to be important, to me at least. I use the web to do school work, research, download movies and music, banking, as well as social networking. I was first introduced to the internet while in High School (1998). I never had a computer and never really used it. A few friends had it, but never had been into it as much as I am as of now. Plus, there was no where near as much to do as there is now. I would say friends really introduced me to the internet, but never actually independently used it until I was in college when my roommate had a laptop, but of course we had dial up.

I called my mother to ask her about her use of the web. I have never in my life seen my mother use the internet personally. I lived with her until I was 18 and I am 29 as of now and visit frequently. She never has had a computer. I came to find out that she uses the internet at work. I guess people where she works bring in laptops, and she is able to surf the web. So, in all actuality, she was never really “exposed” until about 2 years ago according to her. Up until that point, she didn’t even know what Google was. It was a challenge for her at first, but it has gotten easier. She has been taught how to look at social network profiles, watch movies, or shop. I have never heard her mention the fact that she would want to have a personal computer, so I do not think the internet will ever become a part of normal life for my mother. I actually think people would get out more, socialize face to face more, and generally have more motivation to leave the house if the internet was not such a big part of society these days.

In my mother’s opinion (and I do not disagree) the internet has done nothing but make people lazy and gives no reason to get out and do things on your own. When you can shop, order food, pay bills, “type” to friends, and look at pictures of family or friends on a screen, what is the point of have real interactions? I agree that relationships, whether it be family or friends are becoming more and more diluted with the capabilities of the internet.

I personally, pay all of my bills online, talk to my friends online, order clothes, shoes, I buy dog supplies online, while my mother does the exact opposite. All of the things I mentioned, my mother does the “old fashioned way”. I do try and make a point to get out and actually meet up with friends (the ones that are close by) instead of having an internet relationship. The internet is a great tool, but I do believe that it has made our nation a lot lazier and will continue to do so as the technology progresses.

Anderson week 9 Internet

I was first introduced to the internet about twenty years ago, That statement made me feel old! I use the internet every day now. I never used to feel the need for the internet as much as i do now. My immediate family is very internet savvy, but my parents on the other are not. I was first exposed to the web when i was in middle school. When the teachers began setting up for the computers it was very exciting because back then computers were the latest thing.

Some of the ways my family and I use the internet are for school, for entertainment, for shopping, and to find various activities to do, and to find lodging when we are going on a trip. We also love to listen to music on the internet.

I called my mother and father this morning and asked them about their usage of the internet. My mother has no knowledge of computers whatsoever, and does not care to. It is not a part of her life in any way, other than when she is here she some times will ask me to look at pictures on my sisters face book page. my mother does not even know how to get on the internet and does not want to know about it really.

My father has been using computers and the internet for many years but still does not have the proper knowledge of how to use them. My father was first exposed to computers at his job. His position at his most recent employer was called a qc person. He held that position for 42 years until he retired. This meant that he did checks on machines at his job every hour, and the put the information into the computer for evaluation. My dad also does some work for his church on the computer. My father seems to run most programs with ease, but could use some help when it comes to the internet. He makes a cleaning list in microsoft. My father could be so great on computers if he took a course or two.

There of course is a great divide between my parents and I when it comes to the internet. They could care less if the internet were destroyed tomorrow, and I use it every single day and it is very vital to my success. One of the similarities is that my father and I both were exposed to the computer for purposes other than entertainment, and I believe we both had the opportunity to broaden our horizons and I did and he did not.

I am not sure if the divide between generations will ever change, since there is such a gap. I do know that the education is out there for all to receive if they want it bad enough.

The social effects this divide may have when multiplied across the larger scale of society could be that the older generation may feel inferior the younger generation. The gap could also cause the older generation to be left behind, when it comes to what is going on and the way the world is changing. This could cause a problem between younger and older generations. the internet gap is not easily fixed but the classes are out there for all ages.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Myers - Week 9 Internet

One of my previous bosses introduced me to the internet in the late 1990s. I was living in Houston, Texas by myself and he suggested that I set up an AOL account. I have to be honest, I didn’t think too much of the internet at the time. I had an old computer and it was very slow! I was also working most of the time and really didn’t have a lot of spare time. When my husband and I moved to Ohio, I began using it a lot more. We were both looking for jobs and we used it to do searches for employment. We did some shopping and I actually used it to update my family tree. I made it to the late 1700s on my dad’s side of the family.

I have mostly learned to use the internet and most of the hardware on my own. I can’t say that I am an expert, but I don’t have any trouble with learning as I go and testing things out on my own. One day, I hope to build my own computer!

The person that I spoke with was my father-in-law. He is 69 years old. He uses the internet daily. I think it is his first thing that he does in the morning. He checks the weather and reads all the news. He’s a news-junkie! Another thing that he likes to look at is the recipes. He’s made quite a few good dishes from some recipes he’s gotten from the internet. He didn’t really start to use the internet until he retired about 9 years ago. He’s actually very good when it comes to looking for things on the internet. The only thing I could say about him is that he doesn’t have a lot of patience, so if it takes a while for the page to load, he gets a little angry.

I think that we are very similar in how we each search for items on the internet. He doesn’t seem too afraid of going to different websites and taught himself how to do it. The biggest difference that I can see is that I use the internet for shopping and paying bills and he doesn’t trust it well enough to be able to do these things. Another difference is the lack of exploring new technologies. He’s happy with his computer and doesn’t want to get any new hardware for it or tie into it to make if better or faster or more fun.

For my in-laws, no, I don’t think the divide will get narrower. They will always use the internet for the searching, news, and games. I see them exploring a little more, but as far as learning new technologies and new software, it is very unlikely.

As far as the social effect with regard to new technologies, the older generation may miss some of the exciting changes that can happen with these technologies. If they don’t want to learn how to use them, then as the younger generation realizes this, there may be a disconnect within the generations. In addition, if a parent doesn’t keep up with these technologies, their children can get into all kinds of trouble. There could be a good chance that they won’t know what their children are doing online.